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This is what my skin looks like when I'm on the Regimen

This is what my skin looks like when I'm on the Regimen

Tryin' to show as much as I can of my skin.

People ask me all the time why I'm not more scarred. First, my skin is really resilient. I don't scar easily anywhere on my body. Also, my skin was pretty uneven back in college, but after taking Accutane, the texture of my skin evened out a lot. I remember my skin getting smoother and smoother while I was on Accutane. Exactly how or if Accutane provided this I don't know. Yes, my acne came back after Accutane, but after only a couple of years I was able to clear it up with The Regimen. Thankfully, this period of relapse did not scar me.
Lastly, I am not a picker. I trained myself from a young age to pop zits if I needed to, but then to never pick. 

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    Dan your skin looks great for a fair skinned guy in his 30's (not that that's old or anything).........

    Use sunscreen kids!!!
    Your skin looks really good! I'm jealous.
    Dan, your skin looks nice!
    yeah i agree, great skin
    dan when did you take accutane and why? i thought the regimen cleared you?
    Holy cow! Your skin looks ridiculously good!
    :D Nice Skin
    your skin looks great! better than some people who have never had acne actually
    I love your skin, I hope my skin will be like that one day (i just started the regimen) =D
    Gorgeous skin! Thanks! You've helped me and many of my friends!