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Day 6

Day 6


The redness doesn't really show up that much because of the light and bad quality of my cell phone camera.

Day 6.

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    You finally decided to go on 'tane. Hope it work great for you.

    As you know, I'm on my 20th day now and and I had an initial breakout after a week and I'm still getting new cysts. It is actually really bad now than it was before taking 'tane but hopefully it will get better after a month, at least that is what the info said. This breakout never happened the last time I took the drug but maybe this time my acne is a lot worse.

    Keep updating. Cheers.
    tane will work great for you, I am so jealous I didnt get it when I could have. Its only a matter of time till you have clear skin...
    You are one of the most gorgeous guys I have ever seen.. *in awe*
    omg i'd hit that....
    you're so cute. :(
    Day 6 and you're improving already! Don't give up if you go through that initial breakout. The results with Accutane are amazing!