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Feb 1, 07 update

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Here's my updates and learnings from the Past month:

For Candida

1. I've finished 2 courses of CandiGone from Renew Life. (stopped as of today)

2. Taking Candizyme every evening (stopped as of today)

3. Taking FibreSmart every Morning

4. Taking Udo's EFA oil every night with Activa Yogurt

5. Taking Multivitamin and B5 pill every day

For Acne

1. Wash with SpectroJel

2. Differen in the morning, with GlaxoBase moisturiser

3. Dan's BP every evening

4. Head and Shoulders shampoo as a Body wash every shower, Selsun Blue 2.5 once a week

So far this has been working VERY well. I had a big breakout a week into the Candida cleanse, but it has subsided. 2 weeks ago I was feeling big cysts coming. That's when I started taking Udo's oil, and now the cyst seem to be going away.

NO MORE ANTIBIOTICS. I've decided. Let's balance the body with good gut bacteria and see how things go. I really want to end the Differen and BP.

These two sites have influenced me the most recently:



Will keep you updated.

Take care,


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