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17th Jan '07

17th Jan '07

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Been a few days now. No matter what i do to it, it doesn't go away or even reduce its size. I guess it's digestion issues. zzz

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    u still on the dip ? try ucaking the bp on nightly should get better i've noticed dip users seeing initial results and experiencing a bad breakout after a week ....

    i hope everything goes well stick with something for a few months to see if it works in the long term
    Ye, thanks pintsize7.

    I've been using BP as well. And i'm still sticking to DIP but using proactiv cleanser. Sadly, no big improvement. Will see how it goes, and i hope you well :(
    You need Accutane forget that BP crap all it does is dry top layer out. You are scarring cuz your acne is severe.
    ye, as much as i don't like those scars and know all those were scars, i refuse to go on accutane or medicine.
    There are more issues than just acne. Thanks
    To the poster above,that is not severe acne at all! It's actually on the more mild side. Plus BP doesn't just dry the top layer out,I suggest you do some research before commenting on a topic.