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Day 7 - Right.JPG

Day 7 - Right.JPG


26 December 2006 (Right Side View)

I am not as happy with this side compared to the other side but this side was worse when I gave up so I guess thats the way it will heal this side will be the last side to fade. They are not even spots, there is no puss or anything from them they are just red marks now and I guess they will fade over time, now that I have quit smoking the oxygen will be getting to my skin more and will heal the scars more rapid... hopefully my next week, week 2 I will have half of what I have now. After one week I had 47 pimples and now I have 32 pimples so we will see what happens in one more week. I cant believe its now seven days since I gave up smoking, OMG... im pround of myself but I hope I can stick with it, I guess all will tell if my skin clears up in three weeks from the day I gave up smoking I will never smoke again but if it does not then I will probably start smoking again... I know that sounds bad but if it doesnt clear by three weeks ill at least need one to drown my sorroes... but all is good I can feel it working already so I wont need to start again!! haha.

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