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Take away the acne and I'll be happy :-\

Take away the acne and I'll be happy :-\

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    out of curiosity, what's your ethnicity??

    Im Pakistani
    See, thats better, so much better when u don`t blurt out your eyes, nose etc. You are a handsome guy regardless of ur acne! :P
    seriously i agree... those eyes! i don't see any acne, all i see are those gorgeous eyes!
    Mr. Apparition

    You da best :drool:

    Miss Turtle,

    You da best also :P
    LOL, don't take this the wrong way, but you scare the hell out of me in that picture.

    Those eyes are intense, man. I feel like you're going to punch through my monitor any second. :P
    LOL! Aw man I dont bite unless you bite first !

    YOU ALL RULE MAN! lollllllllll :P
    lol dont see much acne *always has to do with light most of the time* but lol i just posted to some one that lookd like Keana Reevs and now you remind me of The Rock...lol wow....what a day... :P
    lay off the steroids if you have acne. they cause breakouts really bad, seriously. they screw up your body.