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3 days into murad program - the circle scar in the middle is from my childhood chicken pox. the acne scars are more open pores and hyperpigmentation / red marks

Other pictures from the album

    Hi Kiwi!

    Is your acne just red marks? Your skin looks normal to me... some people can have acne but still look as though they are fine and healthy--your case seems to be among those. Smiling and spreading good cheer also does wonders to make one look radiant.

    I think you have amazing ethereally blue eyes. Lucky! Godspeed clear skin to you soon.

    Those EYES! :P
    i have a scar just like yours in the same spot also from chicken pox it sucks hopefully there is a way to heal it ive had it for ages and it annoys me everyday. but i guess it will just become a part of my appearance.