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My right side 9-8-06

My right side 9-8-06

Haha, its odd how this side of my face is clearer than my other. So I guess there is truth to capturing the "Good side" when it comes to photos

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    Wow, you have a really pretty profile! Are you on the regimen?

    I just recently found this site so I have not been following exactly as he has instructed. I wash my face gently at night, and then use a Tazorac cream in the evening as well(so that is the same). Moisturizer has been an on/off situation for me, but I am starting to see how dry and brittle my face is from the Taz cream that I recently went out and bought a facial moisturizer to keep in my routine.

    Also getting a sensitive skin exfoliater as well, because my cheeks, nose, and chin are often red and irritated.. Thus I am hoping this will help get some dead skin off, and get rid of the black heads on my nose
    u seriosuly have some of the prettiest eyes i have ever seen.
    yeah. what stevie said. green eyes and black hair is an amazing look, you're a lucky girl