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After 3rd Smoothbeam + V-beam Treatment (Full Face)

After 3rd Smoothbeam + V-beam Treatment  (Full Face)

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    Your new pictures look amazing Kate! I'm sooo happy for you!
    I had my first SB/V-beam treatment on Thursday and my skin is already starting to clear up! Thanks so much for posting your before and after pictures because otherwise I don't think I would have ever considered this treatment! :P
    And thanks for emailing me back too- I appreciate the good information!
    kate, woah..AMAZING! thats all i can say! congratulations on your improvement, you deserve it, and thanks for being diligent about updating all of us on your progress w/ the smoothbeam/v-beam! take care!
    Wow! Congratulations, your skin looks absolutely wonderful. :P We're all happy for you <3
    Wow! That is amazing!! I am having cool touch III right now ( I paid for six and have already had two) it seems to be making no difference at all. I want to have this done now. So do they do them both at the same time? Is it two different lasers?
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    your skin looks great, what a vast improvement!!!!
    WOW....that is AWESOME! Congrats!!! i;m jealous :P
    WOW....that is AWESOME! Congrats!!! i'm jealous :P
    Kat, I am totally amazed by your acne cure. I am also considering getting smooth beam done after seeing your result. I only get pimples on my cheeks now and i only have like 2 active pimples altogether but i have these red marks that has left from previous acne and they wont go away. If u look from far they look like acne because they are so red. People say they will fade in time but its been about 2 years. I dont think they will ever fade so i need to get this smooth beam done. On my right cheek i have those red marks on about half of my cheek and 2 active pimple , on my left there is only about 5 red spots. I feel its hard to cover them and they have really bruised my self confident. I cant really afford to spend much so how much do u think it will cost and how many treatments would i need??? I just want to say again that congradulation on ur success!!! :P
    you are such an elegant and beautiful looking person! i would love to have that type of transformation; congratulations!
    Wow. That's all I can say. It's like an extreme makeover or something.

    You really are beautiful, you remind me of Holly Hunter.