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Cleared up!

Cleared up!

Been two months now, and i'm feeling great about my skin, i've been moisturising it heaps and heaps, i think this is helping to keep it so clear! just had a look at my first photo i posted and this most recent one and i can hardly believe how much better my skin is now!!! anyone on doxy, make sure to stick with it and use heaps and heaps of moisturiser after every shower and in the middle of the day! i only shave once a week now which i think is causing less irritation to my skin...

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    Wow - you have got the most inviting and friendly face that I've seen on these boards!

    I agree - a definate :| !!!!
    You are absolutely, without a doubt, gorgeous! yuuuumy, oh and your skin looks great too congratultions!

    you're a very handsome guy haha #nohomo :P Glad that doxy worked for u, im hoping it will work for me too