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bright lights are nice

bright lights are nice

dark circles still stand out .. u can see the line under my eye.

Other pictures from the album

    Only thing that stands out here is your beauty
    everybody has those lines.

    everybody has those lines.

    hahah yeah.. relax your skin is perfect :|
    very pretty here and your skin looks perfect

    and yeah it's natural to have lines under your eyes so don't worry at all.
    Awww. I completely understand you about those dark circles. It's there and you can't help thinking about it. And aside from my acne, the dark circles annoy me also. I plan to get surgery once I finish college...
    I think it's time to get rid of that ugly piece of crap in your avatar* and replace him with this.

    *Note: I don't really think Billy Corgan is a piece of crap. But he is ugly.
    It looks like you have quite a bit of make up on though...Although I have seen your other pictures, and your skin looks great.
    Girl iI think we have a lot in commoN!! ur looking fyne to the max you go girl
    Rebecca, you look gorgeous! I love your hair in this photo.
    I use Clinique's anti-gravity under eye cream. It has little reflective particles in it that brighten up the skin under my eyes. I love that stuff!
    I hope you stay clear, hon.
    Very pretty! And your undereye darkness is no where near as bad as mine, so do not fret about it. I look like I never sleep! Or I got socked in the eyes. And I can't cover it with make up no matter WHAT I do. They really are a pain, eh? Mine are hereditary..so poop.