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right side of face. this is the worst side. I am getting scars and there are so many red marks and white heads. I feel so grose. Its ruining my summer.

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    Hey thats not too bad!

    I know how you feel though. Ive got that except all over my cheeks. The red marks on my face have been around from my first real breakout (30 pimples on each cheek). IM still recovering from it (this was 2 years ago).

    Let me tell you, a tan can help. But dont let it ruin your summer!

    You still look great. I know many girls with acne and theyre sexy as hell. Your no different. Id see right through the acne. It shouldnt stop you at all from having a great summer :D

    Last summer my acne was really bad and there wasnt anything I could do about it. On top of that, im not the best looking guy. I still had fun, and so should you!

    Now go out there and get laid!