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katie's progress

katie's progress

I'm still doing pretty well, pretty much the same, even though I've had a crazy week.  I was traveling, ate some trigger foods (ice cream, crepes, wine), didn't sleep a lot, and my boyfriend broke up with me.  Awesome.  Still goin strong, though.

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    Lamento lo de tu novio (que tonto, no?) :D

    Por lo demás... te ves preciosa!!! :D

    Y tu régimen está dando muy buenos resultados! :D
    Holy shit Katie your skin has improved heaps.
    As pretty as always here too :D
    u r pretty. good luck.
    You are getting much better. Good luck with improving.

    And I'm sorry your boyfriend broke up with you. What a jerk.
    I've been following your pictures and I wasn't convinced that your diet was doing anything for your skin. Now, it appears that it is working! Pretty amazing stuff.
    I like the progress, you look really good!! :D
    great progress. yay!!
    Hey, you're a very cute girl !!

    Are u still in Argentina ??

    I wish you the best in getting rid of acne, I admire you very much !! I myself can't take acne anymore and had to go on accutane but my skin now is flawless ...
    I think you skin's looks a lot lot better tehn some of the older pix you have.

    anyway I was wondering what your using?? not for myself but for my sister who is 20yrs and has the exact skin as yours, I mean its look just like hers, so I was wondering what has worked for you?
    I dont really have much of a problem my only mildedbut hers didn't start till she was about 19yrs though.
    Any advice I could tell her would be great!
    Katie~You are healing so well! Keep smiling. Love will find you again!!!! :D