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2 months after eating no sugar

2 months after eating no sugar

This was last end of summer/fall. I deprived myself like crazy, but it worked as you can see...I started to slip up around Xmas and have never been able to get it back to that state again. It does get better when I avoid sugar. Sugar + stress is a lethal acne combination for me.

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    Hello :waves: I'm taking a your word on that. Even though I never took accutane. But, that's so great you got it under control when it started unlike me. :eusa_sick:
    I had it under control for like 4 months and then my face exploded again!!! Hence the Accutane...augh, well good luck to you
    amazing difference

    i will try to cut down on sugar too i think

    im a typical english and always fall into the trap of drinking tea and eating biscuits about 4pm :/

    did you carry on eating natural sugar? like fruit and that??
    Yeah fruit doesn't bother me...nor if I use a little honey in small quantities. What is really terrible for me: regular sodas, cookies, cakes, candies.

    I have a really bad sweet tooth...
    You look very good, keep up the good work :( We'll all make it through this don't worry bout it.