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Day 1 - Starting photos

Day 1 - Starting photos

Ok. So its day 1 of actually taking pictures. Ive been through months and months of trying different things. ProActiv, Cleansers of all sorts, exfoliants, egg whites.....egg yolks, lemon, moisturizers, calamine lotion. It makes me so very depressed when I see that nothing is really working, and every time I take a picture of myself I can just see that so clearly.

Current Reg:

Clean and Clear Oxygenating Fizzing Cleanser (trying it out)
Olay Complete for Sensative Skin, SPF 15
ProActiv BP Solution (repairing lotion)
Calamine Lotion

During the Day:
Calamine Lotion

Clean and CLear Oxygenating Cleanser
ProActiv Cleanser as Exfoliant
Olay Complete for Sensative Skin
ProActiv BP Solution
Calamine Lotion

It has actually been a lot worse, before I started using calamine lotion. My real enemy is just light. My skin tone is so uneven and that is very noticable under heavy light. Also, every little bump comes out. It makes me wanna just stay in my bed all day and sleep until my face looks better.

Other pictures from the album

    :D You're skin looks nice here already, good luck with your new regimen! :D
    heh, Im not really sure why I took the pictures right after I used my lotion (I use lotion before bp) because it made me look a lot more shiney