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3 weeks into my oratane (accutane) treatment

3 weeks into my oratane (accutane) treatment

This is just 3 weeks into my oratane treatment. You should definately be able to notice a difference with the picture of me before the treatment. Nearly all my forehead acne has cleared up and generally it's coming under control much better.

Other pictures from the album

    I think your acne isn't too much to begin with! I had a week of oratane and now I didn't do anything, I'm waiting for my next visit to the derm. dOES IT give you headaches though?
    I didn't get headaches until i upped my dosage from 1 tablet to 2 tablets every second day. Shortly after taking the second tablet in a day I got a headache. However i'm just starting out with my upped dosage.
    And my skin was worse if you saw it in person, it was basically bubbly all over, i mean my skin wasn't smooth and flat. I had some bigger pimples but mainly just little ones all over that didn't form white tips.
    wish you success in the treatment !
    OKay, your acne isn't bad, AT ALL. Oh, and I like ur hair! Keep it that length!
    Didn't know they scribe the peel-lane for such mild cases. Mostly pigmental, looked like a freckled sunburn or an eczema flare up. :drool:

    Ah well, it looks like it's doin the trick, which isn't such a feat for a case like yours, but congratulations man, hope it gives you the confidence you need.

    :P Sincerly, SDreamer. :drool: