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With make up

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    You are HOT!
    im so happy for you hopefully it doesnt come back wish u the best princess
    Nice work ....... you look absolutly stunning :P
    wow your face looks so much better...im so glad for you...no acne makes your life that much easier and free

    :P congratulations !
    hey..cant be bothered registerin jut yet but just thougt id leave a message sayin you look great...your a very attractive gal..shame the acne used to hide it..but anyway your really good lookin GL with life
    I would just like to say you are so brave to have gone through that :dance: Last summer, just when school ended i broke out majorly, and hid in my house the whole summer :( You are so beautiful now :angel: . Even in the photos when your acne was very bad, i thought wow shes really pretty, and now your gorgeous! :hand:
    congratualtions.....also i'd like to add that Diane -35 works very well, takes about 2 monthes to start seeing drastic improvements
    what a huge improvement! awesome!
    wow awesome improvement!
    You're looking great, love. xx :(
    Amazing results, congratulations. U look beautiful :-)