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16 weeks accutane

16 weeks accutane

[B][I]16 weeks accutane[COLOR=red]

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    i see alot of improve ment....... looks like its gone down in size

    holy shit thats amazing

    you should be very happy chica :P

    ur beautiful!
    yeah you are beautiful.
    lovely improvement!! keep em going and let acne fucking die
    Not to put a damper on things hun, but have u had that mole checked out on ur chin area? It is fairly big, i am only asking purely for health reasons. I am not trying to insult u in the least!
    Cheer up! Your skin is clearing up
    i just looked through your pics, your results are amazing :P
    Can I ask a question? Is this your second time on accutane? Cuz, I saw your pics before (thank you for posting by the way: the improvement is amazing).
    Yeah that really is a great improvement. Well done! :P
    Nice improvement. Good luck with the rest of your treatment.