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4th cross day 2

4th cross day 2

other side..

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    how much does that cost? Have you felt like its helping
    I ordered it online for $60.
    My deep icepicks have definitely become much shallower than they were when I started...so I'd say yes it is working.
    TCA takes alot of patience though because it is slow going.
    Yah, my scars arent as bad as yours, I think picking my face when I had a lot of active acne definitely caused a lot of scars. Glad to hear its working.
    Looking good, Zan.

    Very. Very.

    And I agree. It's working, but dear GAWD, it's so S-L-O-W.

    I'll let you know how my 4th cross goes.
    Hey, Zan, i am so curious the product that you are using right now. can you tell more about 100% TCA cross? like how do you use it and when.
    Finally, which website d u order this product?