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Four months later...

Four months later...

I've become slack with the microdermabrasion. I used to do it every 3rd day...now it's once a week if I'm lucky. Anyhow, seems to be working fine, the marks seem to continue to fade, which is good. My skin has been a tad dry lately. But...I'm happy with my skin at the moment, no major dramas. Just thought I'd post and show you guys what it looks like now.

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    Those lips had me hypnotised. :D
    thats so hot.i'm sorry but its true.lol ::touches lips::

    Those lips had me hypnotised. :dance:

    You've got Angeline Jolie lips!! :|

    Do you curl your eyelashes bc you commented on mine. I just curl mine but I make sure the eyelash cruler is hot and that makes the eylashes curl more and stay curled. Then I apply mascara.