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week two - right side

week two - right side

dreaded initial breakout stuff - keep waking up with new ones. i hope that stops soon.

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    :D hey haleystar!

    its nice to see the taz is working then! im on the same thing except doxcycline and taz .05...im on week two also, im breaking out a little do you think this could be the intial break out or....? BEcause you seem to know more than me about taz so could ou reply? thanks.

    *If i believe :D *
    well i wouldn't say i know a lot. i was on tazorac .05 for 12 weeks before i got the .1 cream. when i was on the .05 i didn't see any improvements, i broke out constantly. my derm told me that i shouldn't get another breakout from the switch but i am and i figured i would. i can see all of the crap under my skin, so i knew i would breakout again i just hoped it wouldn't be unmanageable. so far it's so so. i just hate getting them under my nose, that's the worst spot. i will say this though, over all in the places that i'm not broke out my pores look better and my face is feeling smoother when i wash it. most of the marks you see in the pics are healing whiteheads that i popped. i only have a couple active zits at the moment, but i will probably get more tomorrow and for the next couple of week. :D

    and on the .05 i didn't see a real breakout until the 10th week or so. i don't think you are getting an initial breakout just yet and you might not because of the doxy. good luck :D
    sorry took so long for me to reply. thanks for the information. im hoping i wont get an initial breakout. i just dont want to have to wear make up anymore to school because high school kids are mean!! bbut ever sincei took a look in the sever acne im trying desperately not to complain. *THANK JESUS* *GOD I LOVE YOU*

    by the way haley, thanks for the info. good luck to you also.