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trouble area exploded again 4-11-06

trouble area exploded again 4-11-06

Grrrrrr.... this is my worst area lately. I don't know what's up with this. My mustache area has improved, but this....?????

The only thing I can attribute it to is going overboard with too many topicals. I'm taking it a little slower now, which is hard.

I'm hoping this is the last of these bigger zits....I've had it, at my age, enough is enough!!

*edit* (over a month later) just wanted to add, in retrospect, this was a hormonal breakout, because my period was mid month. Then, around the same time, mid May, broke out again with the same big zits on my chin! Hopefully by mid June, I'll have some improvement!

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    wow, your skin looks great, i'm sure those ones that just popped up will go away, yeah it's frustrating but bacteria has a mind of its own sometimes,, lol, your skin looks smooth and lucky you you havent scarred like me
    Pam~I love how your skin texture is improving! You look nice and moist and smooth. Sorry about the zits that are coming up on your chin. I think it's probably just a purging thing. Keep up the great work!
    First of all a positive note: you have like NO redmarks!!! Sweet!!! You could play connect the dots on my face and draw a world map! :D Secondly, i see from your reg that you are using SA and Green Cream....my face would freek out if i did that...is the SA just the cleanser? I would put some tea tree oil on the buggers, it will dry them right out! Plus it is very soothing, you can get a great one from the Body Shop.
    Pam, I feel for you. My chin looks like that ALL the time! As soon as one side goes away, the other side erupts. You look great though. Be patient with those buggers and you will win. The rest of your skin looks awesome.