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The money shot Day 7 (haha)

The money shot Day 7 (haha)

Just the front of my face, no real improvement. You can't really see it but I have a small cyst under my right eyebrow.

Other pictures from the album

    HAhaha accutane adventure. You're so wonderfully spirited! (I've been told I am also wonderfully spirited but I just deleted all my crazy pictures from my CSR album to weekly instead of daily photos since it was getting huge)

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK! I'll be checking up on you so you'd better keep the money shots coming! :)
    Accutane will fix that shit right up!
    You'll be clear in no time.
    [b]Hang on in there :) ...we are only days apart me i am on my 11th day!
    I'm on my 27th day. Everything is going smoothly. I got my initial breakout early. Just hang in there it only gets better from here!!
    Thank you all so very kindly.

    Starlogic- I'll keep the money shots coming for you lol

    Preflight and Firegurl- we can hang in there together...sound good?

    Claud- Your skin is amazing. I saw your post in the forum and WOW!! Thanks

    K-mart- Isn't that a copyright infringement? You might want to consider putting a little copyright sign after K-mart. lol Thanks and I can't wait till it does.

    I'll keep my eye on all your progress, too. If you post that is. Bye
    Hot kid.