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Photo in Summer

Photo in Summer

This photo was taken on june 19 in the summer.

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    handsome =)

    I knew that with a jaw-line like that you were bound to be handsome.
    omg your acne is SOOO similar to mine !!!
    but i have much milder on my forehead
    lol thx for the comments but i just think i look so rank now that i have all these whitehead pimples. Mental miracle, do you have any photos of your face? if so can you please post them here or pm me. thx
    there are some old in my gallery[sorry for the quality],right now i would say its much worse than it was :/ "thanks to differin and b5 :) ". im gettin ready to roaccutane
    yeah you do have similar acne but you dont have as many pimples as me but yours are alot bigger than mine
    v cute!! your skin honestly doesnt look bad at all