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Febuary 12

Febuary 12

Day 147

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    Hmmm...It's just your chin area that has acne? Do you think it could be from a type of food you're eating like the oil might touch the skin around there?

    anyway good luck. I know how you feel with pale skin and all the red spots are easier to see compared to a tanned or dark persons skin.
    My acne mostly was on my chin. In some of my earlier pictures I had it on the side of my face by my eye and in between my eyes. However, it started clearing up so I stopped taking pictures of it. If i found out it was food doing this to my chin I would be willing to give up food in general to clear my face.
    Do u like rest ur chin a lot on ur hand or something ... cuz the dirt on ur hand could also cause it ... just saying add is only on your chin .

    But it has cleared up nicely ... good luck to you :)