Do you think these will fade to unnoticeable one day?

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All this happened very suddenly. I have perfect skin in December. By January I have started to notice there are indented scars. I can't tell if the redness makes them look indented when they are really not, because whenever I ask people if they see indents, some say no and some say yes. I am especially worried because my dermatologist said they are indents, but that they would fade over time because they are shallow. Is this true? Has anyone had shallow indented scars that have faded over time on their own? I am very worried about all this because it has turned me into an ugly person; my personality has also changed drastically and I have lost all my friends and dropped out of school. I just need some objective opinion of how bad it is...thank you. (also the camera isn't great so it looks a bit worse in real life).
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