Tretinoin Gel + Doxycycline

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Clindamycin worked great on my skin, but a couple months after it was 99% clear I started breaking out again. I originally had big clusters of pustule and papule acne on the sides of my face, jawline, chin, and a few on my forehead. Nothing over the counter helped at all! After Clindamycin cleared my skin almost 100% (only slight discoloration remained) and began to stop working, my breakouts were much better, only on my jawline and anywhere from 5-15 papules/pustules, much better than before but still embarrassing. I decided to go to a dermatologist rather than my doctor. The dermatologist gave me the following treatment which I will post updates to weekly:

1.) Cleanse morning and night with Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash

2.) Apply Tretinoin gel (0.025%) every other night after cleansing. After two weeks, apply nightly

3.) Take one Doxycycline capsule daily after a meal. I will be taking it after dinner.

It is currently the first week of May and I have a follow up with the dermatologist on the 1st of August. If you have similar acne problems as described and have been prescribed something similar, feel free to check up here to see if it might work for you. I hope it works for me!
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