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Transition from a scary face, to a less scary face.

I have always had acne. I have never ever been without it since I was 12 (I am now in my early 20's). It is time to get rid of this!

I am on the regimen as well as clindamycin. My skin was ALMOST clear a month ago, but now I have a few bumps that won't go away.

The worst part of my acne:
- not leaving the house
- paranoid that anything and everything would make it worse
- the inflamed, pus filled cysts around my lip line. I couldn't move a facial muscle without feeling them grow, itch, burn and send shooting pain

The first photo was before Christmas, when I started the treatment. It is now the end of March! Still acne, but it is (hopefully) manageable. I hate the scaly skin, however. No matter how much moisturizer I use, it always becomes scaly and red. Hopefully soon I can go without makeup to cover the little red welts everywhere.