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Okay, so you guys deserve an update!

Since roughly the mid-end of August I have been doing a totally new regime. I basically visited a Skin Specialist at a clinic in Edinburgh as I had had enough, completely..I had in mind some microdermabration or facials or something like this and it would equate upto around 500!!

However it wasn't like this at all, I met a really good Aesthetician who took pictures of my skin in the machine called a Visia machine, it basically examines what is happening underneath your skin ie. how much acne bacteria is present, sun damage etc.

This machine gives her a rough idea of how to treat your skin, she actually already decided what was going to work for me as I entered!

So basically I have been doing this:

AM - Cleanse with Environ Sebuwash - it is a cleanser with Tea-tree oil in it.
I then wait for about 15 minutes and moisturise with Clenziderm moisturiser by Obagi - which BTW is theee best moisturiser I have ever come across.

PM - I cleanse with Obagi Clenziderm Cleanser for oily skin - this particular one has Salicylic Acid in it.
I then treat my skin with Clenziderm BP - it is a lotion BP which is 5% and is truly truly amaaazing.
Then I moisturise.

I am also taking supplements called Accumax, they are for acne and can be found online - they are pretty expensive though. They contain Vit C and E and DIM. I ain't going to explain each vitamin on this but there are good write-ups on this website about each one and how they are beneficial to our skin.

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