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9 Weeks

Results for being on the regimen with acne.org products after nine weeks.

MIRACLE! My face has gotten 100 times better than before I started the regimen! Already family and friends can't stop telling me how great my face looks! It's only been nine weeks and I can't tell you how much I love acne.org! I still have a while to go but it's fine with me cos its only getting better and better! I have only gotten a few minor pimples which go away after a few days and I have scarring which I hope will go away in time. I still haven't started using the AHA but I'm planning on purchasing that soon and hopefully it will help with my scarring. My eyebrows have been a little flaky and I'm sure that because the BP gets to them when I'm smearing my moisturizer around. Since then I've been mixing Jojoba oil with the moisturizer and it has been working wonders! Everything's going GREAT so far! Can't wait to see where my skin goes in the future!

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