July 2013

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Okay so for the past nearly 2 months I have come off Spiro and am doing this routine:

Am - Wash with water (warm and then cold) 30 minutes later putting on 2% BHA followed by Tea tree oil OR just putting on my Azelaic Acid.

Pm - Exact same as Am.

I use honey masks twice per week and sometimes put Sudocreme on my skin at night before bed to help with red marks or congested skin.

I also do pop pimples when I get them and I do this aceptically using propanol and a sterile needle.

Diet wise, I do eat well..quite balanced but I also treat myself more than I should. I've learned to not be too focused on denying myself the pleasures of good, sweet foods. Im thankful that I do find "healthy" food extremely tasty though. I do personally notice a difference when I keep the dairy low.
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