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Front 26.05.13

Acne Log

I suddenly developed adult acne after a very bad bacterial infection a little over two years ago. Antibiotics worked well for a year or so, during which time I had several wonderfully clear months. After coming off them at the end of 2012 my skin started acting up again and is now even worse than before. I have moderate acne with tons of hyperpigmentation--the latter of which runs rampant on my part Asian skin even if I am very careful.

Not only have I not been able to stop the acne, which moves around my face at random and is so deep in the pores some spots last for months, but the dark spots are more and more frequent and my skin is generally not healing well. Never been so depressed in my life and, of course, no one around me understands the tiniest bit... It's a nightmare!

I am trying to keep a record so I can see when it does get better/worse...at the moment I can't seem to find a pattern, as the resurgence did not coincide with any diet, product or other obvious changes.

I can't lift the severe depression I have been in for the past couple months, but it makes me feel a teensy better to try and be rational about this and to face up to it.