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After having found out that I had GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) caused by the diet pills I was taking for 7 years; which was the cause of numerous spots all over my facial skin, I've stopped taking it and have become one of the happiest person on earth :)

I've seen so many doctors who only prescribed me skin pills and external products. I even had an argument with one of the doctors who insisted that I washed my face too often even though I did it only once-twice a day as he told me to. They never asked me about my diet plan. Nothing.

Now that I've stopped taking the diet pills, which was a bad idea of a teenager who wanted to be skinny as the society wanted her to be.., I'm now eating healthily normal and drinking a lot of water daily. The endless spots went away and has never come back along with the GERD sympthom :) My skin is now completely clean and I can use normal skin products like a normal person! I've been enjoying doing make-up and trying on new facial products as well as sharing others about my bad decision on the diet pills which I learned a big lesson from.

I'm never happier :D
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