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4 1/2 Months

A Holistic Approach (Healing the Body As a Whole)

Diet changes include: no dairy (unless I'm experimenting with yogurt, kefir, or fermented forms of it; sometimes will make exception for goat products)UPDATE: I'll do raw forms of dairy now, grains or legumes (unless properly soaked/sprouted), wheat/gluten, no soy, no grain oils (the only oils I consider to be okay are coconut oil, grass-fed butter, lard, and olive oil here and there), and only meat from animals that were fed their natural diet/organic omega 3-enriched eggs). All of these things I've replaced with much more nutrient-dense food that makes me feel awesome.

I take a probiotic, cod liver oil, and borage oil consistently, sometimes msm and zinc before bed, digestive enzymes, and "liver tox" here and there.

Lots of bone broth, animal fats, fresh vegetables, raw egg yolks, sauerkraut and other fermented foods (trying homemade cottage cheese/whey/lactofermentated veggies), coconut products, some nuts and fruits

Recurring Setbacks:
~sugar/cravings for sweet things
~skin picking/mirror scrutiny
~in-the-moment unhealthy indulging

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