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  • Week 3 left side
    Week 3 left side
    Same here, my skin broke out like crazy during the first weeks + extreme dryness which is not a joke at all. You said you had success with the regimen before. Just wondering, how long did it take f...
  • Four days after
    Four days after
    looks great
  • Week 3 left side
    Week 3 left side
    Be strong, it's just a metter of time! My skin recently got better and its less red ! The product with tretinoin I was using was harsh and my skin was very red, as I have acne rosacea, but I think...
  • Week 1
    Week 1
    Good luck. Stay consistent. Keep us updated!
  • Left side of face
    Left side of face
    How long did it take for birth control to clear you up?