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  • left cheek
    left cheek
    yeah ....gonfidence
  • 9/11/14
    Thanks for the photos. Im black as well and was considering 2 of the products your using (dr song and the baby wash). Great to see its working well for you. Gives me hope for my skin.
  • Photo On 4 10 15 At 11.06 PM
    Photo On 4 10 15 At 11.06 PM
    Congratulations on coming so far!  I'm surprised you are still breaking out in cysts with sweets after healing for so long.  Do you get cysts often?  And is it only from junk trashy...
  • IMG 1848
    IMG 1848
    Thankyou! I think subcision was the biggest step for progress (cutting the bands beneath), but I think dermarolling actually helped the most for me. But without subcision first, I don't think derma...
  • IMG 1846
    IMG 1846
    Did the needling myself. Got the dermaroller/stamp/single needles at owndoc :)