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  3. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    Yes he does. Cost is $150 Have you seen him before? I want to do several more subcisions, but novicks prices will add up.
  4. Estroblock - Week 3

    Please update how it is going with estroblock?
  5. Estroblock?

    How was the results after few months? are you still taking them?
  6. Dim (Estroblock) And Irregular Period

    Please let me know if you all are still taking Estroblock/DIM for acne? and how is your periods? Thanks
  7. Awesome thanks! I will try the wash right after I run out of the gel. It's weird because the BP doesn't seem to burn/sting as much now.
  8. What type of scars are these?

    This was the best lighting to match. I do see a difference not anything specifically just overall better.its going to take time.
  9. Hello. My name is MoMo and I've been struggling with acne for about 5-6 years now. And over the years I feel like my acne has gotten worse. I have tried product after product. I've tried dermatologica, Proactive (which I feel didn't work at all for me), neutropenia, clean and clear, etc etc, as well as tried some natural home remedies, such as honey, witch hazel, steaming my face, etc. and I just feel like nothing is working out. I am at the point of desperation for anything to help cure my acne and get clear skin. My breaks outs are mainly around my cheeks. I've tried multiple products with Benzoyl peroxide and salilyic acid, but I feel those ingredients do nothing for my skin. I just need some advice on what to do. It's depressing me.
  10. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    Yes he does. Cost is $150
  11. Recommendations for vitamin supplements

    I should say that I had significant improvement in my acne (although not full cure) from taking the Dr Murad dietary supplement. It has a large number of vitamins and minerals in it including some of the ones you mentioned above like zinc and it also contains fish based ingredients so probably not suitable for you. It recommends taking several pills a day meaning you're getting multiples of the recommended daily intake. However, my acne came back with a vengeance later after stoppinig the pills. And as I didn't see megadosing on vitamins as a long term solution because of possible side effects I decided not to go back on them.
  12. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    Does he do subcision? Didn't see it on his website. His office is very close though.
  13. I know it's hard to find a doctor who'll happily prescribe you potato chips - esp the salty ones Glad you kept a good sense of humour through this carnage!! Best of luck with your next steps!!
  14. Last time mine was clear was the beginning of third grade. I'm about to be a junior in high school.
  15. Benzoyl Peroxide (Epiduo) or Tea Tree Oil (TTO)

    I am also 16 and currently use Epiduo. At first I noticed a very small difference but now after using it for over like 7 or 8 months, maybe I've become immune to it or something?? It really just hasn't been that effective in my opinion. Maybe I should try out Tea Tree Oil. Is the oil thick and sticky or is it a liquid oil?
  16. So I've basically had constant acne since puberty really, but in recent years it mostly concentrated to my chin and around my nose. I ALSO suddenly this past winter had the DRIEST skin I've ever experienced. Constantly flaking in weird places and yet.... still managed to break out on a very regular basis. So a friend recently recommended Argan oil to me. She has used it for several years now and loves it. I read up on it and it's supposed to balance oil production in the face while still moisturizing, so I figured why not! Been using it about 4 days now, 100% Argan oil just applying after I wash my face in the morning and evening. If anyone else has tried this, did you get a sort of initial mass break out? When I started I had a few pimples that had been slowly brooding on my chin but had yet to commit to breaking the surface to be a nuisance. However within a day or two of using this every spot on my chin that was starting to develop seemed to have suddenly broken out massively at once. The ONE exception is I've had what seems like a cyst-type pimple again just under the skin for over a week near the bridge of my nose that I can't tell if it's just the same or has gone down. Is it just the oils pulling it all out of my face since these had already started to form? If I stick with it will it likely clear up? I know I haven't used it very long yet, and a big part of me just wants to wait it out.... but I also have to attend a wedding in a week so if would like to have an idea if I'm just making my face mad or committing to a longer fix. I would appreciate anyone's experience with this!
  17. I can't find any pictures online of anyone with a pimple is this area. I don't think it's a stye because those are usually ON or IN the eye/eyelid. It's pretty painful and I'm scared it's going to scar. Anybody know how I can treat this or should I just wait it out?
  18. That fat girl with acne

    This makes me so sad to read. I also have been struggling with acne since third grade (I'm going to be a junior in high school this upcoming year) and I know what it's like to try what seems like every product possible and then to have none of them work. My dermatologist tells me different things every appointment and it's just so frustrating to be spending all this money and all this time to just have zero results back. It really bothers me and makes me angry. It seems so unfair sometimes, looking at people who have never had to even think about having a single pimple in their whole life. In fourth grade I was basically the only one with acne. I would get called "acne girl" by some kid in my class, and it's been YEARS since then but the damage from that simple comment still sticks with me. Acne is easily one of the biggest confidence killers known to man and it just sucks having to deal with it when some people will never have to.
  19. Scarless Healing

    Research paper on stem cells and scars.
  20. You arent the first person to get diagnosed with this. Check out Babis I was following his posts, but he disappeared in 2014. Hopefully he recovered. - /topic/272480-accutane-and-erectile-dysfunction/?do=embed&comment=3153201&embedComment=3153201&embedDo=findComment"> I just thought I owe an update. It may be slightly off topic, but tangentially related to the ED issue. As mentioned above, about 15 months ago, I developed symptoms of hypogonadism while on Accutane. 6 weeks after stopping, I tested low on testosterone and had inappropriately normal LH or Lutenizing Hormone (LH should be elevated by the pituitary in response to low T). Short-term testosterone therapy restarted my system and resolved symptoms. But 11 months ago, I developed several symptoms of dysautonomia or autonomic dysfunction. This time, my response to testosterone therapy was only partial. ED is one of the hallmarks of dysautonomia, so it seemed obvious that this was a second contributing factor. When I finally had autonomic testing done, it was positive. However, I was told that there is no cure, only symptomatic treatment. I was sent home with orders to drink more water and eat salty foods such as potato chips. I replied "which brand?" and "will you give me a prescription for the potato chips?" and I got a blank stare from the doc But things worsened, I fainted and got injured, and my doctors prescribed symptomatic medications, that only reduced some of my symptoms by 30%. I wanted to find and treat the cause, not the symptoms. When I asked my doctors for the cause they said "it is what it is". After reading lots of literature, it seemed that one of the few potentially treatable causes of dysautonomia is autoimmunity, so I asked my doctors if my problem was autoimmune. I was given a firm no. I kept researching and found the Autoimmune Dysautonomia Evaluation Algorithm. I requested the test from my doctors, who one after another denied. They almost convinced me that that my problem was not autoimmune. But I wanted to cover all corners so I decided to just keep going to different doctors until someone would agree to do the test. After 10 months and 10 doctors, someone finally ordered the test. Surprisingly, the result was positive. (The funny part is, even that doctor told me the results were negative; I noticed the positivity myself when I asked for a copy of the lab report.) In any case, the result was positive for the alpha-3 Acetylcholine Receptor Ganglionic Autoantibody, which indeed suggested neurologic autoimmunity. I thought I finally had a clue, but my doctors did not think much of the result. They claimed such antibodies have not been proved to cause direct damage to the autonomic nervous system and that immunotherapy would be contraindicated. However, the Mayo laboratory interpretation of the test, as well as some literature stated exactly the opposite. This antibody is one of the few that have been actually shown to cause direct damage to autonomic ganglia. It occurred to me that I should not waste more time waiting for my buffoon doctors to get smarter. I e-mailed a neuro-immunologist at Mayo clinic, who offered to see me asap. I just got back from that trip. The neuro-immunologist confirmed that this antibody is directly causing autonomic neuropathy and that 60% of patients respond to immunotherapy, and he provided guidelines on how to administer such therapy. Because it requires injections, testing and monitoring, it cannot be done now (since I am about to change job and continent). I hope I can find some expert in Europe willing to administer the therapy. Accutane, the H1N1 vaccine and viral infections are all known to trigger autoimmune neuropathy. There is no way for me to tell which one of those was the culprit. More likely than not, it was all of the above plus genetics. By the way, since I have been in a catabolic state for months, I asked my neuroendocrinologist to test my IGF-1 level. (This peptide is secreted by the pituitary and stimulates the liver to produce growth hormone.) It just came back low. This is a second strong indication for a pituitary problem, in agreement with articles posted above, notably Effects of chronic retinoid administration on pituitary function Short-term isotretinoin treatment decreases IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 Isotretinoin influences pituitary hormone levels in acne patients. 15 months after symptom onset, I finally have clues for some of my problems. Now the question is what to do about them. Edited September 1, 2011 by Babis
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  22. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    Since you are near Phily look into Dr. Paul Glat. He is way cheaper than Novick and also has the Vivace micro needling device,
  23. Hi all, I have been using the experience of those on during my journey and now that I have seen some noticeable results, I thought I should share it with you. Little background about me: 27-year-old female, acne during my teenage years, went on Accutane when I was 17 and acne was gone, mild acne came back during my early 20s but nothing too bad, moderate-severe acne started when I was 25, went on antibiotics for 9 months, I was clear for 6 months but after 6 months it came back even worse. I have tried topical antibiotics, retinoids, salicylic acid, and BP with no improvement. After doing so much research, I decided to the following step by step and saw little improvements with each step: - Eat a strict paleo diet for 1 month, after that, still follow a gluten-free, dairy-free, and alcohol-free diet - Eat more healthy fats (I use cold-pressed coconut oil and olive oil) - Take probiotics (pills and fermented food) - Take digestive enzymes for one month (This made the most difference in my skin) - Take zinc supplements - Take cod liver oil - Take ginger + turmeric tea once a day - Take vitamin D supplements (This made my skin to go from okay to very good!) - Take MRT food sensitivity test and avoid foods that I am sensitive to I started taking these steps in January 2017 and now it is June 2017. I have 2-3 breakouts during my ovulation week and 1-2 breakouts before my period. They are much smaller and less painful that the ones I used to get 6 months ago. Now that I am mostly clear, I am totally fine with drinking a glass of wine once a week or having a cake during a birthday. However, I try to stick to an anti-inflammatory diet as much as I can. Here is my current regiment: - First thing in the morning, take one teaspoon of cod liver oil - At noon, take 44mg of zinc - In the afternoon, take 2200IU vitamin D - Before going to bed, take a potent probiotic As for face wash, I use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (I never thought I could use a facewash as gentle as this one!). Two times a week, I exfoliate my face with my Clarisonic. I want to emphasize that if you do intense workouts, you need to be extra careful with your diet because your body needs a lot of nutrients to recover (I can tell you my workout story and how it affected my acne). Also, I would suggest taking blood tests before taking any vitamin or mineral supplements. I was both zinc and vitamin deficient. My nutritionist has been super helpful during this journey. I would highly recommend seeing one if your insurance covers it or if you can afford it.
  24. That fat girl with acne

    Sorry to hear nothing is working for you. I also had a little kid point out my acne the other day, she asked if I had chicken pox! Lol. I just want you to know that your acne in my opinion doesn't look THAT bad. I also have acne all over my face, mine is really deep rooted and in large patches and super red. I hope you find something that works soon so you can start feeling better.
  25. Sorry I didn't see this until just now, thank you so much! I really wish that everyone who struggles with acne could feel that it doesn't make them any less of a person, but I do also understand how acne can feel like a losing battle and take a toll on your self esteem. A lot of the struggle with acne can be more mental than physical, and some cope better than others.
  26. Diagnosis pleaseee

    I'm using acne prone moisturizer during the night and just rinsing my face in the morning and afternoon but the redness is very persistent I would recommend getting a gentle cleanser (like cetaphil or the one i use which is 'yes to cucumber gentle cleanser') and cleansing in the morning and before bed and then moisturizing. I always spot treat my pimples with tea tree oil after putting on moisturizer before bed. If you're using a moisturizer that has salicylic acid in it or benzoyl peroxide that could be contributing to any redness if your skin is sensitive.
  27. Saw+Dr.+Novick+today+(updated+with+pictures)

    The improvement is definitely noticeable. It also seems like your general outlook on things has improved as well, as I remember you being really defeated before you started your treatments. I'm really happy for you. I think your case and others (mine included) drives home the point that subcision and fillers is the best route when you have deep indentations and volume loss. No amount of lasering will fill a deep hole. I'm glad that people are finally waking up to this point, and realizing that lasers for acne scars is mostly bogus. On the one hand you have the laser companies sponsoring the studies and paying the doctors to sit on their advisory boards, and doctors with practices who buy the devices and then have to push them to recoup their $100K machines.
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