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  2. acne rant

    neither birth control nor accutane have worked for me i just want my acne to go away so badly
  3. First week of Lymecycline over, also using the Differin 0.1%. A slight reduction in redness, and spots seem to have decreased although still getting a few. It's the redness, blemishes and marks that annoy me the most. 5 months, 3 weeks to go!
  4. I can totally relate to you. Moderate to severe acne is not the result of not washing your face. It's mostly genetic. Some people could be treated with simple topicals or antibiotics, but others do not respond. I'm one of those. Tried topicals, elimination diet, vegetarian diet, herbal medicine, extraction, antibiotics and birth control - most didn't work, some worked for a while (longest was birth control, it kept me clear for about one year). Try out different things and some might work for you. If not, and if you think acne has been hindering your life the way it should not, talk to a doctor about going on isotretinoin.
  5. acne rant

    I don't think stop your periods could help...I'm suffering from bad cystic, hormonal acne as well, and it flares up really badly one week before and after my period. I'm on birth control but it does not help any more. Have you considered accutane? I'm going on it next week. I've been waited for so long and it's time to end this skin disaster once and for all.
  6. this close to disabling my profile here

    when I talk to people either they are nice and I talk to them for awhile and end up never hearing from them again or they just ignore me some people have even blocked me for just saying hi does everyone else have a life but me ? it's just sad even here I am the freak nobody wants to talk to seems there is something besides my acne that people find repulsive seems like I am not a human being seems like i am trash on the street for everyone to ignore i just wanted one friend from here is that too much to ask ? i have posted and messaged a link to my Facebook profile so many times the links are tough to write every time but I do it in my last blog post I had complained about my friend but it seems like she is the only besides my parents and sisters to care about me despite her being perfect she seems to understand my pain understand how much I need a friend i am just so angry i rather people just outright ignore me than get my hopes up do anyone talk to each other here ? what's the point of all this ?
  7. About to call it quits on regimen

    omg thank you for letting me know! i definitely will do more research. do you know any moisturizers that work as an alternative for it?
  8. Extremely Severe Body Acne/ Scarring

    For anyone reading this, do not use apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil on scars. Use SSKI iodine, take it internally and paint the scars.
  9. FINALLY started the regimen!!!

    Hello, I am so sorry for my late response. I just noticed that you commented on this post. firstly, Thanks for commenting!!! To answer your question- I no longer use Retin -A. As of today, I use regimen. I have been using the products for about 4 months now. However I would highly recommend the use of retin A. Retin A greatly cleared my skin throughout the time I was using it. The product was very consistent and continuously cleared my skin.
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  11. Expiration?

    Just wondering if any of these products can "go bad" I've had the Aha treatment for a year now and I haven't been using it and I was wondering if it's still okay to use?
  12. Accutane and its IB

    ask you dermatologist about prednisone! that helped me soooo much
  13. First month in accutane at 80mg per day

    omg how did you start off so high? i am on my second month on 30 still (first month i was on 30 too) i want to go up higher to try to finish faster but my dermatologist wants to go slow for 9 months.
  14. Claravis/Accutane/Isotretinoin Journey

    Day 52: I can't believe I've been on this drug for this long already wow. Ok so recently I've been getting so much acne on my forehead and on my chin I have about 2 and I feel 2 more popping up on my upper lip. I'm not sure if I am breaking out because I've been eating a lot of junk food or because it's about to be that time of the month. So far its just worse than before I started accutane so it's really making me want to just quit at times
  15. acne rant

    hey try to relax I know it sucks to have hormonal acne but I know the more I stress the more acne I get n the bigger they get. Try Stop looking into the mirror until your of your period. Good luck n hope that helps thanks
  16. acne rant

    hey try to relax I know it sucks to have hormonal acne but I know the more I stress the more acne I get n the bigger they get. Try Stop looking into the mirror until your of your period. Good luck n hope that helps
  17. @beautifulambition thank you for that, i will chat with my Dr about all these things once i go in. Ive always wanted to try deep peels but have been too scared of the risks and downtime! im still quite new at my job so its hard to get that sort of time off. Ps i used the porefessional primer, it did seem to help a bit, it was my first go though.. i still need to perfect it! just a quick update, i was supposed to go in yesterday for my 3rd subcision but it was cancelled so im going in this Friday the 3rd of march. Will update later that day. I will be starting suctioning too. Im still a bit fuzzy on when to begin suctioning as everywhere else i read, people have been starting day 2 or 3 (if not straight away) :) x
  18. Textural issues/scarring

    Honestly I think your skin looks pretty good. I wouldn't notice a thing in real life.
  19. Advice for 1st TCA 35% Peel

    Sort of thinking that a regimen like this might be my next step. So you have been stamping 1.5MM since november and alternating with TCA peels? I'm thinking about going the 1.00-1.5MM route to start off then alternate with peels. Would you recommend me to start with 25% tca? Also how have your results been so far? What has your regimen been? Appreciate all advice!
  20. Day 47

    I've been thinking about and meaning to make an update for so long but haven't got around to it lol. Anyways! I last posted around 15 days ago and a lot has happened on my face since then. ALOT of bad but a lot of good too. I went and got that facial extraction done on Thursday the 17th that I told you guys about and she removed let's say 85-90% of the bumps. I wasn't expecting her to get rid of them all because I know that's unrealistic considering there was probably about 200 all over my face. So she definitely did all she could and some small ones have stayed but that's okay because it's so much better now and I have faith these'll come out in time one by one, and if they look ready here and there I can attempt to extract them myself. My face was SO red coming out of that appointment and I had to bus AND subway home so I literally wrapped a scarf around my face up to my eyes. There was no way anyone was seeing that! The next day I woke up with such a dry face and Saturday it was even worse. My whole face was SO dry that it was plain gross to look at. And that Saturday my family and I were leaving to go to Niagara because we had a family day weekend planned. I didn't wear makeup that weekend except for when we went out to dinner at a fancy steakhouse. We also went to the waterpark which was painful because I know everyyybody was looking at my face. I think the chlorine from the pool helped my face though. It would've been a really fun weekend if my face was clear but its not so it was just decent. The crazy dryness had stopped by the time we left Niagara which was Monday and ever since then my face has just been continuing to heal. There's not many active pimples right now, it's more so just red marks on my face. My face is actually really smooth right now, and I have extracted a few pimples myself since that appointment and it's went pretty well. I have a pimple on my cheek that just won't turn into a whitehead but I'm just not going to touch it until I see something change. Most of my pimples come and go pretty quickly but new ones just come back. However, I've noticed that I'm not waking up with 3 new pimples every day recently so that's great. It just sucks because these dark spots have covering most of my cheeks looks like acne but it's not so on photos and to others it doesn't even look like I've made any progress. I really hope they'll fade sooner than later. The ear eczema Accutane has given me has been really annoying. I got a eczema cream to put in my ears to combat the dryness but now I can barely hear cause of it! I'm fairly certain the cream has dried and just blocked my ear passage. I definitely have to go to the doctor soon because it is becoming incredibly difficult while trying to go about my day. I can't hear my coworkers most of the time and sometimes my customers. It's quite upsetting. Also my shoulder pain has been kinda bad lately which is hard to deal with too. I've always had it, Accutane has just increased it. I'm also starting to get more and more worried about drinking on Accutane because of what I'm reading on this fb group I'm a part of. My manager also told me he was on Accutane, drank on it and ruined his stomach lining because of it. I really don't want my stomach or liver to get messed up because of Accutane but I still want a drink or two here and there! Ugh. Well I think that's all for now guys, I'll update again soon hopefully.
  21. accutane

    Tomrrow my 30 days is up and I am going to pick up my prescription at the doctor to start Accutane but I never received a username or password for I pledge. Can I sign up tomorrow with my dermatologist or do you have to already be signed up and be done with the questions before your first time picking up the drug?
  22. For many years I was very rarely getting sick too. But my basal temperature is very low. Interesting that there are also theories linking rosacea to ROS and ER stress.
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  24. acne rant

    i am crying because i am breaking out now i got my stupid period i am seriously looking into a way to stop my periods this sucks as if cramps and bloating and being gassy was not bad enough
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  26. I know this is kind of a personal question and if you don't want to answer that's fine .... but after reading your log and seeing your acne pics from worst to better, and how you mentioned that your boyfriend encouraged you to keep going in the were you able to maintain a healthy relationship with him while your skin was at its worst? I had pretty good skin when I was married...some minor scarring from previous breakouts but overall skin was good. We have been married 5 yrs and my skin gets worse every year. Probably hormones and worse diet at times. But the point I'm getting to is that I am do self concious about my skin now that I avoid spending time with my husband and he takes it personally. My skin is about is bad as the worst pic you posted and I feel so sorry for him that my skin looks like that for him. He tells me I'm beautiful and he loves me but I'm sure you understand we can be so hard on ourselves. How did you manage being in a relationship with skin like that? Its such a huge stress to me that my skin doesn't look good for him. Maybe some guys don't care about perfect skin as much as others. I know I'm a perfectionist and want perfect skin, for my husband and for myself. I miss feeling pretty although that is a vain thing and I know this all has humbled me greatly in how I view others so that's good but it's still hard to deal with.
  27. Acne - Masturbation Link?

    I suffered from masturbation - acne link too. I got Accutane, i`m in month 3 week 1, got 20mg first month per day and 30mg second&third month, i plan to get same amount for more 3 months, until month 6. No more pimples from month 2. Why do you think acne stopped even it was caused by masturbation? How does accutane work with acne-masturbation link?
  28. Post accutane breakout

    Thank you chippy1 that's very useful info I will def give it lots more time to see if it's really needed but good to know maintenance is an option x x
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