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  3. I've been on accutane since the beginning of November and my skin has never looked better, up until now everything has been great but the past 3-4 weeks i've noticed my body gets scratchy in random spots almost as if I was allergic to something? I've taken benadryl and it helps it.. I am also breaking out, not a whole lot but I probably have 10-12 pimples. My Dr. said she has never heard of anything like that which I dont know if thats crap or what? I need some advice?
  4. Paulas choice has ruined my skin!

    Epiology skincare have products that can work well for sensitive skin's something you could look at. Good luck.
  5. Please forgive me if any of this is redundant. I came into this search because my daughter’s friend started struggling with depression and suicidal inclinations. Turns out she was on Accutane a few months ago, and I’m sure that’s the genesis of her symptoms. In researching side effects, I’m horrified by the long-term, wide ranging destruction to so many physical systems that can result from this drug. Even today with all the info available online, it is easy not to know how scary possible side effects of a drug are, and end up taking something that is very damaging. My dad is a PhD in analytical chemistry. He worked on asthma medications for years. He distrusts a lot of medications because he knows possible risks. Doctors often don’t; either they don’t understand it or don’t keep up with the warnings, or just don’t pay attention to the ingredients and what they can do. (Like, asthma inhalers with high alcohol content will irritate the airways, not open them. Seems obvious, but if you’re not paying attention to the ratios of ingredients… ) I still avoid fake sugars because Dad banned saccharine when I was a kid. I avoid Cipro (ciprofloxacin) because it can cause deadly nerve damage. There are basic, safer options like erythromycin, amoxicillin, or azithromycin. So I still call and ask Dad about anything we are prescribed, or supplements to consider. When I asked him what might help with our friend’s depression, he said zinc. Drinking enough water to flush your system, and zinc. I have seen zinc mentioned in some posts here, but I wanted to pass it along specifically too. Recent studies have indicated it helps with depression in solid physiological ways. Here’s one article: And because zinc is a mineral your body will always need, it’s something you can take long term, unlike some of the herbs or purges that you are only supposed to use for short lengths of time. Recommended daily allowances on zinc supplements are usually pretty conservative. I would start there and see if it helps. Dad did studies years ago on zinc deficiency in kids who were way behind on the growth curve. Proper zinc levels normalized growth in these kids. It helps other systems in your body work efficiently, and it helps in absorption of antioxidants. Another reason I want to mention it is that zinc also helps increase taste acuity and appetite, fight hair loss, improve skin issues, and improve libido. (Oysters are high in zinc, which is why they're effective as an aphrodesiac.) Each of these match up to combat some of Accutane’s long term side effects. I don’t know if zinc will cure the massive side effects some people are suffering with, but it might help. Honestly, I believe it can’t hurt. So I wanted to post that in case it helps someone to heal. And I'm praying - for improvement, for success in finding treatments, and healing for all of you dealing with horrible damages.
  6. you can do filler with subcision if youre not planning on having any more subcisions for a good amount of time.. im just not done with my subcision and if i decide to do filler it will be at the end of all my procedures (if its even necessary by that point) - for example i couldn't do my last subcision in february with filler knowing im going in for another subcision this month of may. I enjoy having subcision done, i think its a great procedure and i want as many as the doc will give me. Its more cost effective than fillers also (here in australia anyway) yesss @clareabella i couldnt recommend my sunscreen more highly! Just make sure its the 'fluid' type that you get as this is the lightweight one. Cannot fault it at all!
  7. Just+had+subcision+-+documenting+w/+photos!

    So glad to see that sunscreen on your list of products hun. Iv just ordered that one myself after reading reviews and was hoping it wasn't one of those ones that leave your face feeling like its covered in thick oil like most others seems to.
  8. Saw Dr. Novick today (updated with pictures)

    Just google Dr. Nelson Lee Novick for his contact information. I think his office is on 85th street. So far so good. The real question is how much improvement the subcision lol yield, and how long the voluma lasts. Just look how well rounded my cheek looks in he last picture. If I still look like that in year I'll be jumping up and down. I credit it to voluma being a great filler, and Novick's technique placing it.
  9. Saw Dr. Novick today (updated with pictures)

    Wow thats a great improvement. You must be so pleased!
  10. Saw Dr. Novick today (updated with pictures)

    awesome man where is location of dr novick and tell me for price pls man?? And ask dr novick for flat hypertrophic scars if he can to treat. sorry for my eng.
  11. Hello A breakdown of my acne history: 1. Ages 13-18: mostly insignificant acne. Some small persistent spots and the occasional big red cyst. Nothing major. 2. Ages 18-19: I had a physical health (lung) problem requiring eight months of consecutive antibiotics (mostly gentamicin and flucloxacillin). --- since then: constantly getting huge red lumps all over my nose and forehead, sometimes chin. sometimes my nose seems to get infected and the entire thing swells up, goes bright red, very painful, very embarrassing. This has happened more often over the past two winters for some reason. Masses of blackheads all over my nose (literally so much, my nose is covered in them). Many small spots all over my chest and back. 3. Ages 19-20: prescribed long term antibiotic for acne. First four months - great - acne gone! Then - stopped working! Acne back in full force again! I read online here and other places that long term antibiotics can screw up your gut? Something like that? I don't know the technical terms! Could that be why my acne got so bad right as I concluded my eight months of antibiotics for my lung problem? If so, how do I return it back to normal? I don't have a clue where to begin, there's such vast amounts of information on this website that it's difficult to even get to grips with the basics. I need some kind of comprehensive guide. Diet? I hear that something called a low glycemic index diet could help but I can't get to grips on what kind of meals I can actually eat with that. I read somewhere that even brown rice is a no-no?! What would a typical breakfast or meal look like? Supplements? Which are worthwhile trying and which are a waste of money? Face washing: 1. Morning (a) Liz Earle Naturally Active Mens Cleanser --- Ingredients: Aqua (water), Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl esters, Cera alba (beeswax), Glycerin, Polysorbate 60, Sorbitan stearate, Eucalyptus globulus leaf oil, Humulus lupulus (hops) extract, Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, Anthemis nobilis (chamomile) flower extract, Phenoxyethanol, Panthenol, Benzoic acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Dehydroacetic acid, Sodium hydroxide, Limonene, Citric acid. (b) La Roche Posay Effacer Duo + Anti Imperfection --- Ingredients: Ingredients : Aqua / Water, Glycerin, Dimethicone, Isocetyl Stearate, Niacinamide, Isopropyl Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Silica, Ammonium Polyacryldimethyltauramide / Ammonium Polyacryloyldimethyl Taurate, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Zinc Pca, Glyceryl Stearate Se, Isohexadecane, Sodium Hydroxide, Myristyl Myristate, 2-Oleamido-1,3-Octadecanediol, Nylon-12, Poloxamer 338, Linoleic Acid, Disodium Edta, Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, Caprylyl Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Polysorbate 80, Acrylamide/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Salicylic Acid, Piroctone Olamine, Parfum (c) Simple Light Moisturiser 2. Night (a) Liz Earle Naturally Active Mens Cleanser (b) Epiduo (c) simple Light Moisturiser I don't think that these are helping at all, I've been using this regimen for two years now! But I'm too scared to stop it in case my face gets even worse!! Is there an ingredient that is bad? Any help at all and I will be so grateful! Thank you in advance.
  12. I have questions before buying

    I have not done the body regimen as I do not care about my backne, is what it is. However, I know how all of the products work and I am sure that it will work for your entire body. Use enough Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic Acid to cover the areas in which you are applying to.
  13. Paulas choice has ruined my skin!

    Recently started using paulas choice "gentle" skin care for moderate to severe acne. For the first time ever I have dry flaky patches of skin. I stopped using the product but my skin is still dry and flaky and much worse than before. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I've used proactive sensitive skin in the past and it was an effective product but I'm afraid to use anything harsh or that could worsen my skin...
  14. I have been on accutane for about 1.5 months now and have seen a massive improvement in my skin, it's nearly completely clear, which I am super happy about. The huge side effect I am facing right now is dry lips. Bloody, cracked, splitting, peeling dry lips. I knew this would happen but I never expected it to be so bad. The dryness has actually gone outside my lips, if that makes snese, and now the natural line of my lips is completely deformed. I don't even remember the shape that my lips used to be, because the splits age damaged the area so much. The worst part is in the right corner, where it has split open. I'm concerned that it won't ever heal, because every time my mouth opens it splits open again!! So gross!! This is obviously very embarrassing especially when my friends tease me as they don't know I'm on accutane. I feel disgusted by my own lips. I have tried La Roche posay cycaplast, polysporin original ointment, polysporin lip therapy, Vaseline, Vaseline lip care, khiels lip balm, and about 30 other various chapsticka none of which have really done anything. I've also used shea butter andcoconut oil. can one please help me out???? Thank u!! ***the one picture is of my lips pre accuatane by the ither two from today. Asyou can see the corner of my lip is in very rough shape
  15. Saw Dr. Novick today (updated with pictures)

    Done How long does it take you to get to NYC? I live outside of Philly, it took 2 hours to get to the city, then another 40 to get through it and to his office. It was totally worth the trip and I will probably go back to him for voluma touch ups and more subcision. He does care about his patients, but his energy and work ethic driving him to get the best possible aesthetic outcome is what impressed me the most. It seemed like he was getting a lot of joy from fixing my face, and thats what makes him good at his job. Novick is the only doctor in the northeast I could find that does subcision with HA filler and TCA cross all at the same time. Rappaport pushes energy devices with subcision, and Yang pushes bellafill. Energy devices are a waste, and bellafill isnt worth the risk imo. Tbh the voluma is great, and he got it in all the right places. He asked me to keep the price off the internet and Im going to respect that. Ok, here are some pics. You cant see any scars right now, and I hope the voluma holds up like this for at least a year. He also did subcision on the deepest scars. Before After After
  16. Hi! I am 17, nearly 18, and I have had persistent but mild-moderate acne for the last 4 years. Many people have said it is hormonal, but nothing I do seems to make it go away for good. I have tried various antibiotics and creams, I have done a round of Dianette (currently on my second) and it never seems to go away for good. My breakouts always leave red marks that take ages to go away, even if I dont touch them. Not only do I have blackheads and whiteheads, I have under the skin bumps on the forehead, and I get spots on my cheeks that have the gunk in them, are white when stretched but never come to a head. They are slightly raised and it always ends up with me popping them to get them to go (bad I know). My acne is mainly centre around the cheeks, and I also have visibly large pores and combination skin. I am seeing a dermatologist in a few days and I was wondering whether I would be put on accutane, and whether it would be worth asking for it. My skin is currently having a good few days so I am worried the dermatologist will overlook it, even though I know it will come back with a vengeance a day or two after. Any help or information would be appreciated!! Pictures at its worst can be posted!
  17. Scarless Healing

    You're right in the sense that there is a lot of PR on the website for investors. However, that does not negate the effectiveness of the product. For the record the original company was founded in 2004 and just recently the technology has come to fruition. They did not develop video games, Majesco did but was a failing business so decided to "buy in" last year. That is there right to do so, just as any company has that right. Apple does not have to just sell computers, they got involved with phones and will be getting into self-driving cars soon, etc. Now you may question why would the CEO buy into a bio-tech company? Maybe it's because they know something we don't and truly believe in the product? If you look at the website, the skin product is the only product close to being clinically used. However, it would not be abnormal to think that cartilage, bone, etc would be next? Why should they stop at just skin? I do agree that their timeline is very ambitious, but it is not impossible. Remember this is a "device" and not a drug, it can be approved very quickly. Regardless of the truth, this company is not any less reputable than Gemstone, which has been smoke and mirrors for around 8 years with an update every 10 months. Or the Sunogel website, which looks like an elementary student put together and the only evidence being the healing of a small abrasion on a finger.
  18. constipation and accutane?

    Sorry for my late reply, and I am sorry to hear about your negative experiences. Yes, I have become quite an expert through my experiences of Accutane and a hell lot of research, and thanks to the info on these boards. As the other person mentioned, yes, I strongly suggest you hop off the Accutane and do not ever go back to it. Accutane is a systemic class drug and effects every single aspect of your body, especially major detox organs ( IE liver). I use to rave about Accutane and I thought it was a God sent cure, but boy was I wrong. Recovery from accutane long term effects is POSSIBLE, depending on how far you gone and how much damage was inflicted . For recovery I recommend increase fiber, Cruciferous vegetables, pro-biotics, and eat a lot of fermented foods, I would recommend a multi-supplement vitamin drink(liquid), L-glutamine works wonders on repairing gut lining, and stay away from all the fast food,junk, processed, etc. I wish you well and hope your ok. Remember recovery can take time, anywhere from 6 months - years. I would give it 1.5- 2 years for recovery. I recovered from the negative effects of Accutane, in approximately 8 months - 1 year.
  19. 36M (pics) mild/moderate 10mg Accutane

    Howdy, so not really an update. Just making a record of my current regime. I've stopped using the 5% BP. It has really taken a toll on my skin this last year. I'm using the Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream wash to cleanse - AM/PM. I tone with ACV diluted 50/50 with water. I then apply pure aloe gel. This is working well so far. My face does not show any signs of irritation or excessive dryness. I do have a back up moisturiser from Avene should dryness become a problem. Other than that I wash my body once daily with a sulphur soap and apply aloe gel all over. I am also taking vitamin D3 daily, 2000 I.U. I exfoliate gently with a clean washcloth when necessary. On a side note I have felt much less stressed about the state of my skin the last few days. I have even felt a boost in confidence. Tom
  20. Exercise

    Should you wash your face before and after exercise. And how?
  21. I am fairly certain it's just a lot of clogged pores but I would really appreciate any other opinions or ideas. I don't wear makeup often at all so it's not the main cause for this, though I know it can contribute. My acne is mainly hormonal but I wonder if I'm allergic to something I'm eating. The pictures are with and without makeup to show the contrast. Thank you!
  22. Solve Acne

    Rattle snake oil soap!!!.... this is the best soap for acne I have tried everything from Proactive over the counter i never wore makeup just lipstick & eyeliner.i have been using the rattle snake oil soap For 15yrs this soap is amazing its a blessing to have than spending & wasting money on proactive & other acne medicine's it also stop baldness.
  23. Mirena/Skyla IUD and Severe Acne

    UPDATE: I had my Skyla IUD removed on January 5th. My GYN did tell me that while there was no research he had seen indicating a causative link between cystic acne and hormonal IUDs, there may well be one and my reason for getting it removed was justified. He prescribed me Tri-Sprintec, a generic form of Ortho Tri-Cyclen, which I started taking in late February. Immediately following getting the IUD taken out, I saw a drastic reduction in the amount of cystic acne. In fact, since starting Tri-Sprintec, I haven't had a single cystic spot or nodule. No more giant, painful, pus-filled blemishes! However, the transition to being acne-free has not occurred as quickly as I would have hoped. I suppose that is to be expected, considering I've dealt with it for years. Four months isn't nearly enough time for it to fully heal.. I do have a fair amount of scarring- thankfully none of it is too deep. My scars appear as prominent red marks on my cheekbones, jawline, chin, and between my eyebrows. Some of these scars are slightly raised, some are smooth. I believe this is post-inflammatory erythema and is due to broken capillaries in the skin. I'm currently waiting for these to eventually fade, and that takes time. I also have general redness spread across my cheekbones and nose. The birth control switch does not appear to have improved that. Scarring aside, my skin is fairly smooth, although I do deal with dryness and scabbing near the scar sites. Currently, I'm experiencing my worst breakout in a month or two- consisting of a few papules near my chin and on my left cheekbone, and an unfortunate pustule on the tip of my nose. In conclusion, while switching birth control will not miraculously improve your acne overnight, it will certainly be the first (huge) step to recovery. And for anyone who is acne-prone and considering getting a hormonal IUD... please consider other options.
  24. tea tree oil

    How long do u leave tea tree oil on for? My forehead has broken out like crazy been using bp for a week buylt it don't seam to be going god I feel hidious in this photo! Hasn't been this bad in a long I have the oil on in this pic...

    I finished my third month on accutane and this is the month people usually get better. So if I were to be one of those people, how fast would I be able to tell within this month that accutane is working.
  26. this is my last resort... PLEASE HELP

    For all the years you've been struggling with acne, I think it's worth a try. Nothing else is working and accutane is one of the most popular medication for severe acne, plus, the doctor usually makes you take a monthly blood test to make sure you're ok. Also, the side effects aren't as bad as you make them seem, it's rare to get depression from it, the only ones you will probably get is dry skin and lips.
  27. I am a 17 year old male, living in the UK and have been struggling with acne since puberty began at about 13, so for almost 4 years. I began experimenting with different drugstore creams, face masks, home remedies etc. None of these worked for me at all and my acne made me increasingly depressed. I finally went to the doctor about a year ago and was prescribed 2 different topical antibiotics, with benzoyl peroxide. These also did not work and I continued to notice morespots. I was finally prescribed Tetralysl Limecycline about 10 months ago, I had a three month course and I noticed a different in my acne, FINALLY!!! but soon after the three month treatment my acne came back worse than ever. I quickly went back for another three month treatment when the same thing happens again. I became addicted, not because the drug is addictive, but I was addicted to the results, and then when my acne came back I wanted more so I could see results again. I went back for a third three month cycle and the same thing happened again. I've been off the drug for a number of months now and I am feeling depressed again. People are pointing out and noticing my acne which makes me hide my face when I talk etc. I am extremely self conscious, before acne i was even 'over confident.' My self esteem has been ruined. I am am seriously stuck for what to do next, I am beginning to think I will have acne forever, which I don't want to think because I know there must be something out there! I am am considering asking for Isotretionoin (accutane) but I am aware of the huge side effects. Coming from someone that has: tried several courses of antibiotics, several types of cream, home remedies like honey, aspirin and all types of drug store products, I want to ask, is there hope? I also eat clean as I can and drink an drink litres of water per day with no results. Please suggest wheter you feel accutane/isotretinoin is worth it and any other suggestions that have worked for your acne thanks
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