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  2. I don't think it's an ongoing toxicity issue like you are thinking. this is why the effects are seemingly permanent. Rather, like many have mentioned here before it may be a receptor issue. For instance, in the case involving the 16 year old Indian boy who lost his night vision completely after 7 days of isotretinoin treatment, doctors protocol was to stop treatment, and begin supplementing with Vitamin A retinal for a monthh even if Vitamin A serum tests indicated normal levels. Another article here for those with permanent impaired night vision like me and insomnia and sleep disorders (day night reversal, insomnia) Melatonin may be a good supplement we should try.
  3. Advice on Scarring after Acne Treatment

    @bobaholic Mederma does nothing, it's really not effective. How about posting what your scars are with a picture of them so I can give advice. Scars create shadows, I need to see the shadows they make, If you are not comfortable posting, please goto my faq, it's in the below signature and read about scars and their treatment. I do not give advice on prescriptions, that is general acne treatment, and would best be asked in the prescription sub, I moved your topic to.
  4. Saw Dr. Novick today

    @QuanHenry Thank you for sharing your story. He does sound like a good doctor. Yes I believe filler and subcision are great tools, along with TCA. I wish you healing success and great results.
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  6. Natural Acne Treatment that works

    Oh that's great tips from you. I want to know your idea about using some acne treatment product which i found in amazon. Are they still good enough to try out compare to natural way? I can see that your face really good and smooth.
  7. I've been in the same position for nearly 7 years, and I'm 30 years-old. The sad feelings never really go away, but life moves on. My advice? Avoid the doxycycline. It will clear up your skin, and you will feel awesome, but about 6 months after you stop taking them your acne will come back with a terrifying vengeance. It will shock you. Plus, it isn't great for your digestive system or your immune system. The only thing that helps me is regular acne facials. It doesn't address the root cause, but I have tried literally everything and am convinced it's hormonal and unaffected by diet.
  8. BB Gleas

    Hi, I have mild acne and started using yesterday. I have noticed my pimples are drying up, but with that comes dryness and tightness on my face. My skin looks pretty good (better than anything else I have tried) after just a few applications, but it's a little pink and uncomfortable. I added jojoba to the moisturizer tonight and it still feels dry. The instructions says to add 6-8 drops of oil to the moisturizer, but I have had issues with cococonut oil on my face which made me breakout worse. Any suggestions or tips? Should I attempt more jojoba oil to help with the dryness or just leave it alone and wait it out? Thank you!
  9. A lot has been going on, but I'm going to try and keep it as brief as possible. I am 18, and have used a few prescription topicals over the years, since I was 12: Duac, which worked brilliantly but then stopped working for me. Epiduo, which also worked great but then I stopped to give my skin a break. Benzac AC wash, which broke me out horribly. Most recently, last year, Differin 0.01% gel and Clindatech, which worked great looking back. (hindsight SUCKS.) Then I got impatient, quit the differin, and in September last year, started getting peels and microdermabrasion as well as switching my products to all of those from the 'Skinstitut' range, including the L-lactic acid cleanser, retinol serum, glycolic scrub, even blend serum and rejuvinate 15 serum. Over 3 months, my acne worsened, and in January, I had had enough. I quit the products and peels, and after a few weeks and checking with the ladies at the clinic, I went back onto Differin. However, after 5 weeks I stopped due to the fact that my pores had enlarged a bit and my skin had gotten very oily and overly sensitive. I suspected I had damaged my skin barrier and dehydrated my skin due to the slightly enlarged pores, over production of oil and tightness/sensitivity, and my closed comedones have spread rapidly, perhaps due to the weakened barrier and oil. So for the past few months I have been using my regular cetaphil oily skin cleanser, simple light hydrating moisteriser and tea tree oil as a spot treatment. I try and steam or use a DIY honey sugar scrub like I used to, but now whenever I do these things, my skin just gets too tight and sensitive and the appearance of my pores look worse. I find when I am gentle, this looks a little better, however my acne is running rampant with this gentle approach and the comedonal acne that covers my cheeks and chin is producing cysts and beginning to scar. My derm and doctor have both told me Roaccutane is my best and final option, but as I have PCOS, I fear putting my body through the possible risks and side effects considering my risk of relapse is higher. At the moment, I have chosen to treat my hormonal issues naturally, and while my lifestyle changes have helped certain things, it has not helped my acne. I am trying my best to find products that can help with what I suspect is dehydration but I am itching to run to any GP and ask for Epiduo. However, I am concerned that using epiduo or differin again while my skin is sensitive is only going to backfire on me. I feel like I am trying SO hard – I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, I try to exercise daily, I stick to a plant based, low GI diet with fish and eggs for protein, I don’t eat dairy, or refined carbs/sugars, I don’t have caffeine. I drink herbal teas, lots of water, try to get 8 hours sleep. And yet I am experiencing the worst skin of my life. I will say, stress and anxiety obviously do not help, but I can’t stand it anymore. I am tossing between supplemenets such as skin B5 and Ninja skincare (has anyone heard of it??) or Epiduo, which has worked previously, but before the peel fiasco. I would love to go the holistic route for my skin however that is a slow process of trial and error and my acne is scarring and multiplying too fast. I’m starting to panic and I can’t afford another derm appointment right now, only for them to push me towards Roaccutane. Please, anyone, help L
  10. I faced the same issue, my face has many holes.
  11. Many of us who have used the regimen have noticed an increase in acne. This should subside within a few months if the regimen is working for you. Things may get worse before they get better.
  12. Help!

    Hello, I know how you feel. I've dealt with really severe cystic acne for years now and I've only recently gotten it under control. What's helped the most for me is using gentle skincare products with vitamins. Specifically vitamin c has helped the most. It's helped reduce redness, and it helps boost collagen production which helps your skin stay moisturized and healthy/thick and can prevent damage which can lead to more breakouts. I also really like caffeine in my skincare, because it reduces inflammation/redness. Sulfur has been a great spot treatment for me too. It usually works best on my chin/eyebrow area. Another thing that's helped me is keeping my skin cooled off. It sucks during the summer, and I've unfortunately had to cut down on how much I exercise because of it, but I seriously love to exercise so going from exercising seven days a week to just three isn't usually that hard for most people anyway. I've started keeping my skin cooled off with ice packs and they have helped a lot. I tried for a long time to use things like benzoyl peroxide and alcohol based acne treatments and they really damaged my skin, and damaged skin is a great place for acne to develop. Especially cystic acne, because it's so deep below the surface of the skin that by using harsh, drying products I was just damaging the surface of my skin and making it harder for any cysts to heal. I recently made a post about how I majorly reduced my cystic breakouts, if you want to go read it, and my main point was that my skin started to get better once I started to learn more about skin health and focus on things like collagen production and staying moisturized. I also mentioned that my skin got so bad, and I was terribly sick on antibiotics for almost a year when I decided to get a chemical peel. Though I think it's helped a ton, I don't think it's something people with cystic acne NEED to get. I think I needed it because I had such a severe case. I definitely think it could help though, but it can be pretty pricey. So to summarize it all up: * Vitamins C & E * Chemically exfoliating (glycolic acid) * Staying moisturized (hyaluronic acid and/or glycerin based moisturizers/sheet masks) * Caffeine * Sulfur spot treatment * Cold packs * Sheet masks I don't use these all the time everyday, mainly just the vitamins and moisturizer daily, sheet masks 2-3 times a week, and I use the other stuff when needed. If you want any suggestions on specific products I use feel free to ask. Sorry this is so long but I always hated when I asked for skincare advice and I'd get like a two sentence reply about how "you can't treat cystic acne from the outside" when clearly a lot of people have done just that. Anyways, good luck!
  13. My 2017 Subcision + Filler Experience/Results

    I bought a Clarisonic vibrator for the skin. I plan on using it on the affected areas twice a day. If there's no improvement then I'll probably get a saline injection to decrease the size.
  14. Suggestions for a doctor

    Its the fluid that surrounds an unborn baby. It supposedly has powerful regenerative properties.
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  16. Saw Dr. Novick today

    And I am cautiously optimistic. No, I will not be posting pictures at this time, but only because I am bruised an swollen. Any pictures at this point would be worthless and probably misleading. He spent the first half hour discussing acne scars in detail. He showed me before/after pictures on his computer of patients he treated which were impressive. He flat out says lasers don't work and says microneedling is only to be relied on as a finisher. He sounded an awful lot like beautifulambition. The first thing he did was inject cheeks with voluma, and it made a dramatic difference instantly. I looked in the mirror and could only see the deepest scars, just barely. I had my youthful cheeks back, and a more defined jawline. If it really lasts 1-2 years as indicated, I will be ecstatic, and refill the rest of my life, or until a better filler is developed. Then we moved on to subcision and TCA cross. He subcised about a dozen scars and did 100% TCA on a handful. Some of the subcised scars are sitting perfectly flush right now, others have bumps and swelling. He decided to inject botox on my forehead as well, because he thought furrowing my brow would ruin the results of the subcision. My overall impression of Dr. N ispositive. He shared a story that shows has has a personal interest with acne scar patients. I left with the impression that he is selling the best outcome for the patient, not just a lazy, one size fits all approach. It was very refreshing hear hear. I will share pictures pictures in a few weeks, but I wanted to my experience pence my experience. If you are looking for acne scar treatment in the northeast, consider Dr. Novick. Any crazy typos is because my phone sucks.
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  18. Scarless Healing

    Check out and the SkinTE product. It has many strong, accredited doctors and backers behind it. They say the product will be out by early 2018 for clinical use. There just is not a lot of information out on it to judge that timeline.
  19. these are some remedies that helped my acne.. it may not be the solution for you. these are just my tips on what i would tell myself back then when i spent so much money, took so much time, and stared and picked so much, and i want to help as many people as i can to not have this happen them. i really hope this helps you... even if it's one person, i'm glad i typed this. What is my acne cure? It's different for everyone, and that is exactly why it's a little complicated when it comes to giving each other advice on how to get rid of the growths on our face. sometimes it becomes a long road for some people, and it can really change your life... it did for me anyways.. here is my story, i really hope it can help you so you don't waste thousands of dollars on your face trying to find what works for you like i did. At the age of 14, my mom put me on birth control, yes birth control. you may know how this story goes. For 8 years i took ortho tricyclen in order to not get pregnant.. i never had acne except for the occasional pimple here and there. Until that is when i turned 22 and i tried to quit my birth control in order to be more natural. about 5 months later, i had the wrost acne of my life. i became severely depressed, anxious, and hid in my apartment most days. I didn't want to face time, i didn't want to go out in public; most times i sent my fiance in stores... YOU DO NOT NEED TO LIVE THIS WAY, say it to yourself a few good times. you are a beautiful human and unique from all others in this world! your body is trying to tell you something. listen to it. i tried every cream, wash, treatment, differin, tazorac, peels, dermatologists, home remedies.. i've tried practically everything. first of all, the biggest thing you can do to help is to stop worrying, yes i said it. do yoga, go meditate, do what you love, be around people you love, get out in nature. if this is what you are constantly focused on, you will become unhappy and stressed out. i'm now quitting my birth control again because my naturopath suggested that i do. This is due to my family history of things connecting to side effects of birth control. i quit using all of my face products four days ago except for aloe vera once at night, and rosehip serum once at night. (at first my face was very dry and peeled) I haven't worn makeup for four days either. i feel more confident every day because i am my true self in front of anyone. I am comfortable. My face has already started to change... all because i stopped trying to fix it. your skin does heal itself ya know.. i also am not eating dairy or gluten. (which really isn't that tough because there are so many gluten free options out there, and fruits and veggies are great (; ) add broccoli to your diet, it helps with.... google: It is a very good source of dietary fiber, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese, phosphorus, choline, vitamin B1, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), potassium and copper. Broccoli is also a good source of vitamin B1, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc, calcium, iron, niacin and selenium. i also take some supplements (my blood results aren't back yet for my thyroid, adrenals, and other hormones, so i may take something different once i get those in.. i will update later) (fish oil, daily, biotin, minerals supplement, milk thistle, and vitamin d) also added in two tablespoons of pure flax seeds to smoothies, salads etc. i also added in making tea and cooking with turmeric.. it is a natural anti inflammatory, and i noticed it helps me with relief for head aches. don't touch your face, pick, pop.. you will just make scars, and we don't want any of that if we can help it.... ... but if you do end up with scars, i know a few good tricks that worked for me. vitamin C serum (please spend extra for a good brand, it matters) dermaroller.. do not use this if you still have active acne because it will spread. only use if you face is clear! it doesn't have to be a special brand, just good stainless steel needles. i use 1.50, but you may want to start smaller. i personally got one off of banish (.25mm) and it was expensive and had very small needles that couldn't help with my scars, this size is usually used in order to get extra absorption for your skin care products.. So, i ended up ordering from amazon a cheap 1.50 and it works great. you may want to add a thin layer of lidocaine before you use this because it can hurt sometimes. after letting it sit for about 20 mins, wipe off that layer before you use the derma roller. please do your research before you dive into this. it can damage your skin if you make the wrong move. switch your pillow cases at least once a week, all of the creams and grease do go somewhere. deep breathing... it releases a lot of feel good hormones like dopamine, and serotonin which help with stress. look at yourself in the mirror less, because we all know that staring at them won't make them go away. please ask if you have any questions, i hope this can help you. i'm not a professional. this is just my experience so you away want to consult a professional who may be able to determine deeper health issues. with love, Jade p.s you got this, and your face can be clear, you do not have to live with acne for the rest of your life.
  20. Scarless Healing

    ^Luckily their trials are pretty short, at least their first one was I think. Basically the the trials only need to last as long as it does for skin to finish remodeling. 3 years sounds reasonable but I'd hope for sooner FS2 is easily my biggest hope regarding this
  21. Bumps on forehead

    They do stay for a long time. I've had them for years and sometimes they seem to look worse on other days. Thanks for your help, I'll get the AHA+
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  23. Scarless Healing

    FS2 is promising and I gave all the information already. However, don't count on it being available anytime soon. FS2 would probably take around 3-5 years to reach the public if successful in it's third clinical trial.
  24. Idk if this is long term vitamin a toxicity. Strictly vitamin a toxicity doesn't cause all these effects. Looking at cerebral atrophy for example, I don't see any relation to vitamin a. But simply looking at other nutrients from what I ve looked into so far, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc deficiency and copper toxicity are capable of inducing cerebral atrophy. I've seen a exact case where B6 deficiency also caused thinning of the corpus callous. I've seen reversible atrophy with zinc deficiency. But I've seen nothing related to vitamin a so far.
  25. I had pretty mild but annoying acne. I started the caveman regimen with a face mask once a week to exfoliate. Im all clear now its really incredible, but how does it work? Ive gotten a milia bump since Im not really unclogging pores at all anymore but how does it work? I heard you let your face do its job and you dont strip the acid mantle. Is that true? Or is the skin care products just really bad?
  26. I would definitely recommend it for mild acne!

    Use just enough benzoyl peroxide to cover your entire face, a small thin layer. Keep it at that amount until you are not flaking anymore , and then slowly ramp it up. With this your flakiness should go away by July.
  28. Is this hormonal acne

    Thank you SO much for responding and including photos that I know must have been daunting to add. You're skin has improved greatly and I am so pleased for you. However, it now transpires that my acne may be as a result of chronic candida and I am currently on supplements (including oregano oil) which seem to be working. Abstaining from anything sugary (including fruit for now) and adhering to a strict Anti-Candida Diet is also essential and I'm determined to enjoy the summer of 2017 with my skin as clear as I am capable of achieving holistically. Have attached a photo I took yesterday after taking a holistic supplement called AcneBlitz (from Amazon) for a little over 3 weeks and I'm very happy with the progress I have made thus far. I am so grateful for you taking the time to respond and share your skin battles with in a bid to provide me with advice. I wish you all the best with your quest for clear(er) skin.
  29. Scarless Healing

    I think mjg's response is as good as we're going to get. Some more details and actual proof would be nice though
  30. I think you could search here - It's a great site where I found a lot of very wise articles and journals and other researches I'm sure you will find what you need
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