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  2. The first is the after. And that is with photoshopping.
  3. After numerous consideration, i finally took up the courage to order as per advised by their customer service - 2 months supply of Praventac + Ag-Factor. I did not know that BB cream needs to be removed thoroughly after applying. I only wash with soap and that's it! By end of first month, i noticed acne getting lesser along with red acne scars (accidentally caused when my face was too itchy and my fingers had them scratched :(). My skin's itchiness has gone completely by week one. By second month, with Ag-Factor + Praventac and proper skincare, i am proud to "declare" that my skin is acne free (except for the occasional 1-2 pre-menstrual breakout).
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  5. well.... I live in Portland Oregon, so I guess it shouldn't be hard. I just need to stop drinking beer and stick with liquid because accutane definitely turned me into an alcoholic.
  6. 100% remove all dairy from your diet, there are pletnty of dairy free alternatives that use almond milk. I used to be able to consume dairy without any problems but all of a sudden it would cause me to break out as well as eating gluten. As soon as I stopped eating those things the cysts and everything went away, however during stressful times I do still break out but that's very normal for most people
  7. Ok, so here is an update for anyone following this thread. It has now been over three weeks since I've done the test spot, and let me tell you...hyperpigmentation sucks. The white giant scab just turned into a very red area. It's like a burn mark, as I feared. The area still feels a little rough/scabby. The individual scar does look better and not as indented, so that is a positive. However, I'm sure that with time, Vitamin E, Neosporin and some fading cream it will go away. But as a heads up, do a test spot first. I'm not sure if I can handle a full face treatment anymore with a needle.
  8. Sugar isn't an issue, but I was thinking dairy might be. At this point it seems to be stress and depression The pills give me stomach pains and don't work unfortunately. But I just started using sodium sulfacetidet with lotion
  9. For most of you, when did the side effects generally stop? Especially those of you living 10+20+ years post accutane. I'm on month 7 and up until month 5 all I had was the head pressure, now in the past couple of months I got extreme tiredness and joint pain, digestive issues and Sebhoric dermatitis on my scalp and moustache. Within the past week, I've had severe episodes of depression so I don't know if that's a new symptom or maybe just the stress from having to deal with this or maybe because I just got started taking RSO and this might be a side effect of that. I feel like once new side effects stop I can focus on managing the existing ones.
  10. Scar help

    @beautifulambition Do you think that TCA peels would work on his deeper scars? I have scars in the exact same area of my cheek that are about that depth. I've done TCA years ago, but it was too long ago to remember if there was any improvement. I've used the derminator a few times with little success (10-15% improvement). I also have 100% tca, that I plan to dilute down to 50% and test on 2 scars similar to OP's deepest scars via TCA CROSS, with a toothpick and cautious handling. I'm a darker skin tone so I thought it would be smarter not to try CROSS with anything higher at first due to PIH. Thanks!
  11. Scar help

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  12. It's definitely purging since it's areas where you've had spots before. Thanks! Definitely feeling that its more smooth, less little bumps already too, will stick with it and report.
  13. I'll definitely look into it! Thank-you so much for the advice and kind words.
  14. I'm 29 and have suffered with acne and super oily skin since I started my period at age 14. My periods have always been short, extremely painful, and heavy with thick clots (basically the most intense bleeding and cramps for 3 days max and then I'm done), and as a teenager I often flooded right through my clothes, bedsheets and towels - even now I have to wear super strength tampons plus a night pad for safety for the whole 3 days because there will be some guaranteed leakage. I have terrible mood swings and sweats and have blacked out/thrown up because the pain has been so bad before and I have to plan ahead to start on painkillers before my next cycle is due, because if the cramps hit first they will overwhelm me. In my early twenties I went to the doctor about my skin as all the way through my teens I had severe acne especially on my face, but also my neck, scalp, chest, back, upper arms, and legs that over time had made me very deeply depressed. To top it off I was also an obsessive picker and constantly covered in open sores and scars that I went to unhealthy efforts to cover up. I was put on tetracyclines and a topical prescription (I can't remember the name) that did work well enough on the acne but dried my skin out so much it was like I just had terrible eczema instead (not helped by my obsessive picking). My mental health continued to spiral until I ended up being diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder paired with body-focused OCD tendencies. I went into long-term cognitive therapy and eventually the skin picking on my body stopped altogether, and with lifestyle changes the majority of my acne calmed down to normal flare-ups around my period - I still have picking episodes on my face but not nearly as bad as before. For the next few years my skin was stable enough but my heavy periods still bothered me, so I decided to look into contraceptives that could help with both problems since it was now becoming more obvious that they could be linked. I tried the mini pill Cerazette (after narrowing down my options since I have a history of migraines and didn't think the coil or implant were necessary) and it worked well in terms of stopping my periods/PMS but I still had the stubborn breakouts and very oily skin. After several months I moved house and never re-registered my prescription so I just carried on without it, and my acne continued to go up and down fairly predictably until recently. Since around the spring I noticed that I was getting my periods a week earlier than expected (so a new bleed every 3 weeks after the start of the previous one, not the end; in the latter the 'bleeding week' would add up to a normal 4 week cycle). I've also noticed a dramatic change in my moods for much longer before and after my cycle; extreme irritability, low mood, lack of energy for work/social situations, as well as random hot flashes, uncontrollable sweating and headaches. My acne seems to have gone up in gear each month until in June it finally got so bad I had to take 2 days off work - I had two or three of those big, red, painful bumps buried deep in my chin and around my mouth that all seemed to appear overnight, refused to come to a head and which I ended up aggravating into open sores that wouldn't dry up, so I caked them in calamine lotion and stayed at home until I could attempt to cover the damage with concealer. This month the same thing has happened again only days after the last lot have finally healed over. The entirety of last week, over the weekend, and still today I have had at least 7 large, deep, red bumps emerge across my jawline, the front of my neck, all the way up to behind the corners of my jaw, then dispersing into smaller, harder bumps around my nape and across the back of my neck - and every time I check more seem to have appeared. As well as, clusters of really angry stubborn whiteheads are popping up everywhere around my nose, cheeks, chin, temples, forehead and hairline on both sides. I have been faithfully plugging on with my emergency skin arsenal, but even my last resorts don't seem to be working and every morning I have been waking up only to find the previous spots have swollen angrier, refilled or doubled in number, and even my torso is way more oily and spotty than during my normal hormonal breakouts. I literally started my period a few hours ago this evening and am hoping against all hope that things will finally calm down once it's finished.
  15. Red Acne Scarring On Cheeks

    I use it too! Do you use a facial brush to wash your face? or that'll be too harsh with the system?
  16. It's definitely purging since it's areas where you've had spots before.
  17. I'm on the 0.1%, so definitely much stronger. Maybe something to consider? I've also had some shallow indentations that healed over time! That is possible! When they're very shallow and not clear-cut. Sometimes the collagen just needs time to build back up. And yes, people do get skin reactions that cause breakouts but as my dermatologist explained it, that's more of an irritation than acne. All acne that is forming under the skin is due to some internal imbalance. It's almost like your body's way of saying something isn't right. That's why it's always a good idea to think about the root cause. Topicals are good for management, but to really stop the growth of acne, you should consider thinking of treatment from the inside-out. Talk to a doctor about birth control! There are low dosages that help acne and even if they don't work as well as you hoped, a low dose shouldn't affect you in a severely negative way. Find a good doctor you can trust. Also, if your lifestyle allows for dietary changes, that's also something to think about, specifically dairy. Unless completely organic, dairy can affect hormones as I'm sure you know. Cutting out dairy helped my cystic acne by over 50%.
  18. Listen, you have comedonal acne. Those bumps on your face are called closed comedones. What you have to do is exfoliate. I used to have those things all over my face, just like you do. I got rid of them as well as my inflammatory acne with mandelic acid. Give it a try, you might like it. It's waaay better than glycolic and salicylic acid. It cleared me up in less than a week.
  19. Cures for oily skin?

    Skin does not over produce oil from dehydration. This is a really common myth. Oily skin is caused by internal factors; it has nothing to do with how dehydrated you are. Your sebaceous glands do not "make up" for the moisture lost from dehydration.
  20. Scar treatments

    AWESOME-Really says dermalmd scar serum significantly reduced the appearance of my very old scars in a few weeks. They 75% is getting better.I think It won't eliminate them but it will make a noticeable difference!
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  22. Acne discussion

    I love everything natural/organic as far as hygiene products go. I'm going to have to give this mask a try. You did a good job clearing your skin. I mostly have blemishes and want to get rid of them. This will most likely work for me. Thanks for the video!
  23. I am a 18 year old guy and i think i have some scarring, is retin a a good option to smooth them out? And is there any chance they will heal because im still relitivly young? (Also i know i have some active acne and am currently seeing a derm for treatment i know i need to control active acne before scar treatments).
  24. Excessively oily skin.. please help!

    Check out my Oily thread, maybe a few helpful parts../topic/354191-oily-skin-must-go/?do=embed&comment=3502665&embedComment=3502665&embedDo=findComment">
  25. Cures for oily skin?

    Check out my Oily thread, maybe a few helpful parts. /topic/354191-oily-skin-must-go/?do=embed&comment=3502665&embedComment=3502665&embedDo=findComment">
  26. How long should i wait between subcision treatments? What is the minimum time? I have deep scarring so i will probably need 2 or more subcisions. Thank you all for your answers
  27. BP Cream and sun exposure

    Right so I've been using bp cream for the last couple of weeks now and it's really helped me with clearing my skin of existing acne I still get the occasional spot but it's very manageable, I was wondering how long would I need to stop using it for to be able to go on a sunbed? Any ideas?
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