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Can You Build That Dream Body ?

Posted by optimalskr in optimalskr's Blog, 27 November 2014 · 6 views
optimal stack

When looking for a weight loss and muscle gain supplement you need to know what you need to be looking for. You need to research about the supplement and you need to read reviews and gather information online about it. Supplements can work for you but they can also cause you harm or prove to be useless because of low-quality ingredients. Also there are a...

2Nd Course Of Accutane (Day 29)

Posted by ItsAllGoodFellas in 2nd Course of Accutane, 27 November 2014 · 10 views
stopping accutane, cold sores and 5 more...

Well i'm stopping accutane for a while, probably for a week. I went to see the doctor yesterday and she said my blood results came up a bit high. My lips were fine then but after i went to play some sports and drank afterwards. Soon after i started to see little dots in my lips that burned. Today i realized they were COLD SORES! AGAIN! I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN...

Naturally Caring Of Sagging Skin Under The Eyes

Posted by jazz pollard in Skin Brightening Tips, 26 November 2014 · 15 views
sagging skin, eye creams and 2 more...

No one like sagging skin anywhere, and this is especially true, when it takes place underneath the eyes. 
This sagging under the eyes or around the eyes can make one look far older than what they actually are in reality. Therefore, the best way to fight them is with natural caring, and it is this naturally caring that can turn things around fo...

First Post & Desperate

Posted by dance4lyfe in dance4lyfe's Blog, 25 November 2014 · 26 views

Hello! This is my first post here so I just wanna give some back story. I know it’s long…
I’m currently a 21 year old female
Back story
When I was about 15 till when I was about 18 I have very mild teenage acne. It was mostly cured by proactive which I kept a daily routine. I also began to take bc at age 16 and was put on Ortho Tricycln...

Week 6

Posted by Amandapham91 in My Solodyn and Ziana experience, 25 November 2014 · 24 views
ziana, solodyn

Everytime I feel like my face is finally calming down, a breakout proves me wrong... I broke out again this week.. http:////dn4iqhjvtt3...ault/sad.png  I hate my skin.. I don't know if these medications will be my answer... I am very impatient. I honestly think that I just need to change my birth cont...

Go Away~ And Never Come Back! 꺼져!-2014.nov.25

Posted by ItchyPain in ItchyPain's Blog, 25 November 2014 · 21 views

Woah~ woah~! 
Slow down, take a deep breath!!!
 Why does time fly by so fast?? It's been a month since last time i wrote my blog, so many things happened, and time went by so fast!!
First of all, let me 'inform' you that this month has been a blessing! I honestly learned so much:)
 Well, as we all gather here( on this website) to rea...

My 1St Real Challenge

Posted by leelowe1 in To Acne with no love, 24 November 2014 · 37 views

Starting something new is always a challenge.  There is fear of the unknown, fear of failure and just generalized anxiety.  There is also the hopefulness that finally something is going to work.  Well now, i have come upon my 1st of many challenges with my new regimen.  The breakout!  My face feels so inflamed and my pimples are b...

Will I Ever Fix It?

Posted by Joe moz in Desperate cry for help, 24 November 2014 · 29 views

Its been some time since my last post. The last of my pimples was gone and I thought it was just a matter of time until everything went back to normal. Turns out I was wrong, I had a couple of minor breakouts, pimples
come and go. I don't even feel frustrated anymore, I feel defeated, not because of the pimples (I realize I will overcome them one way or t...

End Of Week 3

Posted by NicoleEz in My Accutane Blog, 23 November 2014 · 58 views
accutane, week 3, dry lips and 5 more...

Apologies, normally I update this on a Friday - little late this week...
But I have successfully completed week 3 of my course, one week on 40mg and the side effects are definitely there:
 - I don't even have to re=powder my make-up, there is literally NO oil on my face. No flaking (yet) as I have read from other peoples experiences and...

Update! 220 Days! Trentinon/clindaycin

Posted by Beautyandblemishes in Beautyandblemishes' Blog, 22 November 2014 · 59 views

Update! 220 Days!  Trentinon/clindaycin hello there beautiful people,
today november 22nd marks 220 days with using both topicals. i have used these topicals every night since the start date april 17,2014. My progress has been greatttttttt!!!!  from the beginning of my acne battle ive spoken freely and openly with all of you. for those of you who have followed my journey i want to say THAN...

Where I'm At Now

Posted by Mels23 in Mels23's Blog, 22 November 2014 · 44 views

It's been about 6 weeks since I stopped taking Bactrm and I'm so happy with how my skin has been. My biggest fear was that after quitting Bactrim my acne would come back and flare up just like the last time I stopped taking my oral meds, but nope! My acne has been pretty under control! Can't say I'm 100% acne free, or that I've had a day like that, but my...

Start Of Week 3

Posted by kkirby117 in My Journey to Clear Skin, 21 November 2014 · 73 views

Here we are, at the beginning of week 3! Time is flying by because I have been so busy! May should be here before I know it right?! http:////dn4iqhjvtt3...ault/wiggle.gif   <---- This is my positive outlook emoji haha
Anywho, I have seen a noticeable difference between the breakou...

Item Not Recieved :(

Posted by Monika GS in shippment Issues, 21 November 2014 · 44 views

Hi Dan,
I have ordered big ki of regimen on oct 17th to make delivery to my country ie;INDIA
I have been still waiting for the product.
Please can you check my status and do help me.
I am disappointed by this.


It Has Been A While!

Posted by allthethings in allthethings' Blog, 19 November 2014 · 54 views
bacne, acne, cystic, cysts and 2 more...

Well, I had a long summer in the sun and a few months back at school with no back acne at all and close to no facial acne. It was great!
But of course, I'm back. Back has about 3 big spots and some small bumps on my neck. While my face has 4 or 5 small bumps and one HUGE cystic bump on my chin. My chin has always been a problem area, and now its st...

What Happens 2 Weeks After Beginning Accutane...

Posted by sandycheekss in THE BLOG, 17 November 2014 · 103 views

Different products and management systems work differently for different people. So I don't want anyone to think that Accutane will affect them the same way its affecting me. That being said, my skin became progessively more peely in random areas and now it has stopped. All within this past week. The only peeling areas are around the area where my blemish...

Forskolin Belly Buster #1 Weight Loss Diet

Posted by Vickyc in Vickyc's Blog, 16 November 2014 · 52 views
forskolin belly buster and 1 more...

By permanently eating a balanced diet you will never again have to worry about gaining calories, fat and weight. Nowadays it seems that Forskolin Belly Buster  is really hyped and really ought out by a lot of people but you can use all the supplements and pills in the world, once you stop using them the effects will disappear and if you don't make some ch...

Day 49

Posted by Goku5 in Accutane Experience, 16 November 2014 · 73 views
acne, mild, accutane

DAY 49
I apologize for not updating this blog for a few weeks, I've been extremely busy with school that I just haven't had the time do so, luckily, I've found a few spare minutes at 4 AM on a Sunday morning to do so.
So, from last time a couple things have changed...first, I got a blood test that came back completely normal allowing me to...

First Acne Blog

Posted by laurmo in Acne Journey, 15 November 2014 · 85 views
adultacne, birthcontrol

I never thought I would be posting a blog, but this website seems like a pretty great community of people trying to help each other, so I decided to share my acne journey. I just posted on the "general acne discussion" forum and am interested if anyone will provide feedback!  
So as the forum I posted earlier states, I've struggled with acne since...

Battled Acne Since Puberty

Posted by Cin73 in Cin73's Blog, 15 November 2014 · 79 views

Many of you have probably read about adult acne time & time again & are still battling it. 
I am 41 & still fighting the battle as many of you still are....) but I think mine is nearly over
I consider my skin to be looking pretty good (facial, shoulders, back & thighs - although I do have 2 small blemishes on my left sho...

Fuller's Earth /multani Mitti

Posted by Joone in Joone's Acne Solutions, 15 November 2014 · 80 views
remedies, fullers earth, natural and 5 more...

Fuller's Earth, also known as Multani Mitti in Hindi, is a clay or soil substance which is popular and well utilised in parts of South Asia due to its powerful healing properties against acne and blemishes.
Fuller's Earth contains magnesium chloride which helps reduce acne by cleansing the pores of any dirt 'debris' and bacteria. Multani Mitti is a...

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