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Pictures! Pictures! 110 Days Tretinion/clindamycin


Hey there Beautiful People, so I promised a few pictures of my updated skin for all to see. I put together a few collages so you all can see the stages my skin has went through, with the process on both my topicals "Tretinion/Clindamycin" the last photos in each collage represents my skin as of today 8-18-2014. Like I stated in my last post, my skin is not completely clear, however its alot better. I created a photo Album- check it out! be the judge for yourself, feel free to comments any questions/advice/ thoughts!

as always, thanks for reading... stay connected! stay confident! stay Beautiful!

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how long did it take for you to get used to the creams ..

can you explain more..... Do you mean if I witnessed any side effects? If so, no! I didn't. Slight dryness, however it wasn't bad at all. No flakys. Peelings. Etc.

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