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Please Help Me :/

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[size=5]I have literally tried every product and nothing seems to work anymore. Nothing helps at all and frankly its starting to piss me off, I have very sensitive skin so its not like I can use any cleanser. I also have a small problem with oily skin as well. I've tried a few home remedies such as baking soda, witch hazel and the lemon remedy, but those haven't worked.[size=5]I wash my face once to twice a day with clean and clear for sensitive skin. But sadly this doesn't work and the other clean and clear products irritate my skin to much.[/size] My acne will go away for a few days or at least start to disappear and then come back even if I was washing my skin and keeping it clean.  I really need peoples help and advice. Unfortunately I don't have money to go to a dermatologist or to buy any products or things such as tea tree oil. I rarely eat fast food if at all anymore and my habit of eating junk food has gradually decreased. I don't have a sweaty routine or anything like that, the rest of my body is clear except for my cheeks and my chin. I really need some help. Please, does anyone know any simple, effective and inexpensive remedies? [/size]
[size=5]Things that don't work for me: Proactiv, witch hazel, clearasil creams/face washes, biore, clean and clear creams/face washes, lemon remedy, baking soda remedy, theres something with a black bottle and it has an X on it I can't remember what it's called but that doesn't work either.[/size]
[size=5]If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.[/size]

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