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Day 24


I decided to start a blog again to try and keep me positive. Over a year ago I took a plan B and broke out with the worst hormonal acne. My doctor prescribed me Spiro and epiduo. I remember it being hell, the epiduo was so harsh on my skin that I broke out in the worst acne I have ever had, I stayed in my house crying every night and well shut myself off from the world. After 3 months I had clear skin and I mean clear, if someone would have told me that it was going to be absolute hell the first two months but then you magically clear up I think I would have not fallen so deep into a depression. Well I stayed on this duo for prob 4 or 5 months, and stopped the epiduo. After about 7 months stopped the Spiro and within 4 months I have returned almost to as bad as I was before. I am now starting just Spiro and am on day 24, I don't want to use the epiduo because I feel like that's what made it so horrible! But now that I'm on day 24 and keep getting new pimples everyday I don't know what to do!

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Epiduo causes an initial breakout because it remove layers of dead skin revealing new pimples underneath the surface of your skin. After 12 weeks you should see improvement. Stick with it. That's my advice but ultimately your decision is what matters. Best of luck! Try adding an antibiotic also like amoxicillin or cephalexin...stick with a regimen no matter what...its always gonna be better than no treatment at all...

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I feel you I too have fallen into a depression but please stick with it!!! try to not stress and find the time to do some deep breathing, a walk taking it easy throughout the day.i drink lemon water first thing in the morning add a multivitamin with it plus fish oil.wash my face with just plain water and cetaphil ultra hydrating moisturizer which I love<3. then midday u can use your cleanser of your choice I'm 30 years old so I need a (gentler non drying cleanser) I like aveeno cleanser and the doctor has me on doxyciclin and I just started retin a at night..get facials at least once a month. And I noticed sometimes saunas helped my skin alot...I believe we can do this!! Xoxo..I'm with you.

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