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Accutane: First 30 Days

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Hey guys I am back with my update.  I'll try not to make it long winded.  So this saturday (5 Oct 13) I completed my first 30 days of Accutane at 40MG.  The ONLY side affect I experienced on my first 30 days was the dry lips and a ezcema breakout on my neck (cetaphil cream and aquaphor took care of the dry patch). I also did not experience a IB only b/c I think me taking Bactrim prior to starting accutaned help. I think I had maybe a total of 4 pimples the whole first 30 days.  My dosage was increased to 60MG (1-40MG and 1-20MG) that I take at the same time which I started that on 6 Oct 13.
I have mild ezcema anyway so while on accutane, my scalp was super dry but I was prescribed derma-smooth (oil based) for my scalp two months before going on accutane, so a couple of days later when I washed my hair the derma-smooth took care of the dryness in my scalp.  I also had to resort back to using anti-itch grease which I wasn't too happy about that seeing as how I haven't used grease on my scalp in over 10-11 years, but oh well no biggie.
Now as for the dry lips, I can tell you right now that has been the BIGGEST HEADACHE for me on accutane so far.  I brought Burts Bee's, Vasoline, Vasoline lip therapy (the normal kind and cocoa butter in the very very small container), 100% cocoa butter stick, another cocoa butter chap stick, some lip balm by Nivea, two other lip balms (cant remember the name) and lastly Dr. Dan's Lip Balm.  I would just like to say that I read Dr. Dan's Lip Balm was supposed to be the saving grace for chapped lips.  That was CLEARLY not the case for me.  I think on day 15 I peeled the dead skin off my lips which was easy b/c I did not let my lips get dried out, that is a huge no no. I never let my lips get to the point where they dry out, crack, and bleed like that. Now I peel the dead skin off my lips like every three or four days using a wet bath cloth, easy day.
Now what I did was make my own lip balm and it has worked wonders for me.  I took vaseline and cut a chunk of 100% cocoa butter (from the stick) put it in the microwave and melt it, stir it up, and put it into the vaseline lip therapy container and that is what I have been using.  My lips stay moisterized and feel some what normal.  I dont have to put lip balm on my lips every three minutes.  Also I havent had any issues with my face being dry or my body being dry either. 
Anyway I hope this helps guys.

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