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The good news: My skin is 97.5% acne-free! I have a lot of PIH, though this should fade with time. I might take some pictures in a few days.

The bad news: I know for a fact that my acne will return if I stop using BP - even if I try to "taper" off of it. I also know for a fact I will break out if I let my diet become crappy. I've been experimenting with this for the last 4 years, and I'm now 100% sure about it. In fact, at least in my experience, I don't think BP alone works for me. If my diet is poor whilst using BP, the redness is ridiculous, and I still continue to break out (just not as much as I would without using BP). This was also the case when I used Erythromycin back in 2009 - it only worked in conjunction with a good diet. Without that, I'd still break out. However with that said, diet alone is not enough to prevent me from breaking out (at least not yet, until I "grow" out of it). So yeah, I need to maintain pretty strict eating habits (which I've come to accept and enjoy anyway). But hey, this is the first time in a long time that my skin has been this good!

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