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August 20Th Update

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So I've been taking progress pictures which I intend to upload at the end of my round of accutane if all goes well. I don't have the confidence to post pictures of my skin at the moment, not sure how others do it before they see dramatic improvement!
Lately I've been focusing on getting rid of the strange bumps on my skin while I wait for the accutane treatment to begin. I've done plenty of research and tried literally everything.
Lately I've been seeing some improvement and this morning I woke up to much nicer skin! Yay!
Here is what my routine has been the past couple of weeks which I have seen some improvement from:
Effaclar foaming face cleanser by La Roche Posay
Neostrata glycolic toner 8% (Level 1)
Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for combination skin
Aczone on all problem areas
Light powder
Evening (After work):
Wash face with cetaphil 
Put Avene Cleanance mask on for five minutes and rinse off (three times a week)
Effaclar face cleanser
Neostrata 8% glycolic acid toner
Aczone on problem areas
Benzac 5% on bad spots and extra bumpy areas
Shampoo: Head and shoulders classic clean
Conditioner: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Conditioner
I've also started changing my pillowcase about every 3 nights and pulling my hair back at night.
I'm not sure if anyone here has any opinion on this, but when my skin would get bad in the past I'd use the Tanda clear blue light for a week or so and notice improvement. This could have been because of a number of factors (I would improve diet and skincare whenever skin got bad) but I always felt as though the Tanda kept things under control.
I'm using the Tanda now and think it is contributing to the appearance of my skin. I've been using it for 3 weeks now.
My skin is still very oily, something I can't WAIT to see disappear with accutane. 
Hoping to have a post up of products to use while on accutane (I've done research for the 2 years I've been interested in it, so may be useful)
and to review them as I try my course. 
I keep having these dreams where I wake up with porcelain skin.. ahhh I wish. 

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