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From: Is There Other Treatments For Acne Instead Of The Regimen?


1stly,at this point stating there's no acne-diet connection is ignorance.

but it's also true that dietary changes are not a solution for many.doesnt mean there's no connection.it's proved.

it's like cigarette doesnt cause cancer in all.but only a mad man will deny there's no link.

2ndly,i dont support extreme of anything.(that is my personal opinion).

so i will say eat a diet that is good for YOU.

Eat good stuff and check for intolerance or triggers.

u can start with dairy and then go for gluten.

these two happen to quite famous villains.

u r to try for at least 2-3 mnths.

then,test for particular items like members of night shade family etc.

also,have lots of water - the whole detoxifying concept does work!

i dnt think going completely away from topicals is right.

bp is FDA approved although its known to be quite harsh.

so u can spot treat.

u can also try milder topicals like clindamycin(with or without nicotinamide)


treating ur present acne in any way is important ,prevention is another step.

so find out the cause - hormones,vitamin deficiency,messy skincare or diet overlapped with genetics and then attack.

but meanwhile treat the present ones also.


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