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Notes On Tea Tree Oil Toner And Reduction In Use Of Tretinoin


It has been a week. I have reduced my applications of tretinoin from 2 to 1. In the morning I wash my face with cetaphil antibacterial bar soap for dry sensitive skin. Next, I apply the tea tree oil toner with two fresh cotton pads. One for the left side of my face and one for the right side of my face.


I now have smaller pores. My face appears smoother. I believe that my previous overuse of tretinoin caused my pores to become enlarged and pink. Now my face is taking on a bronzed tone. My tan is more even on my face-way less red. On the downside, I now have dry skin peeling on my face. That never happened when I was piling on the tretinoin because it creates a peel so smoothly. Regardless of the peeling, I am sticking with it. My dermatologist warned about using too much tretinoin. She said that was the reason my face had taken on a pinkish tone. AAAHHHH! So now I use my tretinoin only at night right before sleep. I apply a thin layer of benzaclin over that and zzzzzzzzzzzzz

all of these pics are from this morning.The camera on my laptop does not have a very graphic detail so it is hard to see the peeling dry skin around my mouth. I will be posting after pics in 30 days to see if a ramped down regimen can keep me clear. I had a voracious and vicious form of cystic acne. It was relentess!! So in reaction to that fact, I became relentless. I kept my face bathed in antibiotics,tretinoin and benzaclin and took so many internal antibiotics. I was as pushy and aggressive as the bacteria. My dermatologist let me do it for three years. the war is over. Time to surrender to convention....time will telll *sigh*





blogentry-178781-0-32820900-1373551234_t<-----cotton discs for applying tea tree oil toner

blogentry-178781-0-91201700-1373551245_t<-----Tea tree oil toner


blogentry-178781-0-77176100-1373552658_t<------freshly mixed jar of creamy effective benzaclin

Emergency update!!! I have developed a pimple in my chin. It's reminiscent of those that have tortured me in the past. Apparently I can't make it without more antibiotics. I don't know what to do!!!

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Have you ever looked into Accutane or considered trying it? It has worked a miracle for me! I'm going off of it soon and I wanted to ask your opinion if I should continue to use a face wash directed toward getting rid of acne as a preventive measure? You have also told me about hibiclens before. Do you think I should try that when I'm off acutane just to prevent any acne coming back or should I just stick with a gentle skin cleanser and see how my skin does? Thanks!

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Honestly I think you should use antiseptic cleansers like hibiclens and cetaphil antibacterial bar soap for dry and sensitive skin. after that I would even use bp at night and then wash it off in the morning. I am so happy for you that accutane worked for you. My dermatologist and I had a meeting July 3rd. I was on time. Last time I saw her she told me that I was not a candidate for accutane. I think because I am stable with topical tretinoin, benzaclin and amoxicillin. Although I do have a pimple on my chin right now and I am kinda freaking out. I called my clinic and asked my primary doctor to send cephalexin to my pharmacy. If she does it I am set. If she doesn't I may lose ground quickly. AHHHH! I dont know what to do! Peace!

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Alright I will definitely try that! Thank you! Also I saw your last post! Im glad you got the cephalexin! Good luck! I hope your skin stays clear! We all deserve it!

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