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Day 50 On Accutane 40Mg

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Hi everyone,

Its been 50 days since ive been on accutane... and 25 days since ive last updated...

So stuff ive been experiencing:

- skin not oily anymore
- flakey skin on face (not too bad though)
- phlegm in the mornings (ewww but need to report everything the good and the ugly lol)
- bloody boogars (vom lol)
- dry skin on ears that it chapped a little
- dry lips, scalp, skin on body, hands,eyes get red easily, dry mouth n throat
- red flushes on face that come and go
- mood swings some days are good others day feel low.
- oh ive noticed my eye lashes and eye brows shed a lot faster... oh even the nose hairs falling out lol

Ok acne update....

- the cysts on my forehead have been oozing and started to flatten down so dont poke out so much anymore
- Skin texture still not smooth
- the hard lump in my cheek hasnt done crap all... just being stubborn. Last sat a little bit of pus came out but nothing since... its really worrying me. It looks like a bug bite but its been there for months now and its quite large most of its under my skin. Hope it decides its time to call it a day soon...
- blackheads disappeared by themselves
- Acne redness to the skin reduced slightly...

Erm so thats pretty much it... there have been improvements but progress is very slow...
Seeing my derm this week. Hoping I get bumped up to 50mg this week...

Hope everyone else is doing well... all the best til next time


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Nice looks like we are about 7 or 8 days apart!
I have been breaking out around my eyes, middle of my eye brows, sides of eyebrows... it sucks since thats where people look at you when u talk to them so at work i get all shy and embarrassed...


My lips are dry.. today is the first day that the side of my lip feels like its cracked and thats that i literally bath in aquaphor b4 bed...

I am on 60 mgs a day...i will get back to you soon :)

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