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No Dairy But Junk Food


It's Saturday and I woke up with a small cyst on my right cheek, close to the one that's just finishing healing. Yesterday I didn't have any dairy but I did have a significant amount of junk food. My hubby and I went to the movies and I got a corn dog, dots and a root beer and ate everything haha. Other than that I had homemade spice muffins for breakfast and some pretzels dipped in peanut butter and grapes for lunch. So perhaps that's where it came from.

I haven't eaten a few things that include dairy in the ingredient list such as a powder mix of mocha cappaccino and I think one other thing I can't remember. I'm thinking those processed foods with milk as an ingredient don't affect me as much as straight milk or cheese does. I kind of thought junk food probably wasn't much of a contributing factor but perhaps it is. A smaller one that milk maybe, but a factor none the less.

Of course there's always the chance that this is just a pimple. The kind very one gets for no good reason. But then again, it's not, because its a cyst, an underground devil that doesn't just happen for no reason.

I'm thinking I buying the clear skin diet book for some more info and advice. I hear diet can help everything from reducing fine lines to under eye circles. And, of course, acne. And I believe it. This whole diet equals acne thing, though its something I've been studying for years, this is he first time I'm really taking it seriously and I need more information. Has anyone read it?

I'm a bit bummed about the zit but hey, it's gonna happen and it just gives me one more clue to the cause, which puts me one step closure to the cure :)

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You are on the right track. Milk contains P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for cysts.

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