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Almost To Month 4... Crrrrazy.

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So I'm about five days away from going into my fourth month on Claravis. When I look at how my skin was when I started Claravis to where it is now... it's a definite improvement. I really only have two little pimples... but the left side of my cheek has this AWFUL DISGUSTING cluster of dark marks. Blahhhhhhhhhhh. So I guess my focus has changed to taking care of those... this is my body dysmorphic disorder being super perfectionistic about my skin. Really not fun.
Products I'm Using:
Biore skin balancing cleanser
Cetaphil cream (in the jar)
Almay cover-up
Neutrogena pressed powder
Anyways, things are still iimproving. I'm going to hope that by the end of the fourth month that I will be TOTALLY clear and that the marks will have faded some. I think I'm going to ask to go on 80 mg a day... we'll see! Good luck to everyone on this treatment! And you are beautiful no matter what. Honestly.

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