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Waiting On The Derm


i just made an appointment for a dermatologist on april 9th. im nervous because i want to be on a full dose course of that accutane, and as of right now im on 20mg a day but im scared once i stop taking it my face will freak out, im not clear at the moment, i have 4 good sized zits, but they arent cystic so im happy about that. ive been taking 20mg for almost 6 months and its done wonders for me, but im not satisfied, i start college in only 6 months and wanna be clear. any suggestions as to what to bring up to the derm to convince him to put me on a full course of tane? keep in mind this is the first time im going to see him. (if i get on the full course of tane ill post pictures of progress)

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dermatologists rule! I love my dermatologist. She healed my face!! I have been healed (jumping around) halleluyah!!! Amen!!

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Woooohoooo! im happy for you! you're so lucky to have a woman dermatologist, i feel that girl derms care more about appearances and are more understanding of the person's pain. i researched my new derm, he's a 70 year old man so idk how thats gonna turn out.

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